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Jun 2009

Hypnotherapy In Perth

Contact Name Christine
Phone 0412 942 044
Mobile 0412 942 044
Address Woodvale WA 6026
Servicing Areas Woodvale, Western Australia; Scarborough Western Australia
Christine is a Mental Health Professional with a high level of training in Counselling and Advanced Hypnotherapy and works to a strict code of ethics. She uses hypnotherapy in her clinical practice to assist individuals to improve their lives and overcome Depression, Stress, Addictions, Anxiety Disorders, Pain, Sleep Disorders, Emotional Disorders, Eating Disorders, IBS, Weight issues, Obsessions and Phobias and Grief and Loss. Compulsive habits such as smoking are also removed using hypnosis. As Hypnosis is a very effective tool especially when used in conjunction with other therapeutic psychological approaches such as Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Schema Therapy I welcome working in conjunction with TLC Psychological Services. At Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and TLC Psychological Services we are committed to providing long term solutions for clients so that they can improve their wellbeing by helping them to identify and change dysfunctional thought processes and identify and change old patterns of behaviour. Psychological Counselling : Talya specialises in a range of mental health, emotional and cognitive behavioural difficulties and is committed to assist you to improve your mental fitness, health and wellbeing, as well as giving you practical skills to cope better with demanding or challenging situations.

Hypnotherapy In Perth


• Smoking Cessation
• Weight Management
• Anxiety Management
• Depression Management
• Pain Management
• Stress Management
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Addictions
• Motivation
• Sleep Disorders and Insomnia
• Self Esteem Issues
• Obsessions and Phobias
• Grief and Loss.

• Stress Management
• Depression Management
• Anxiety Management
• Pain Management
• Addictions
• Sleep Disorders and Insomnia
• Obsessions and Phobias

If your Depression, Anxiety or Stress is spiralling out of control, you will greatly benefit from hypnosis. Christine is trained in and specialises in applying powerful, effective therapeutic hypnosis techniques that can assist you to address these conditions and reclaim your life. She can also assist you if you are experiencing issues such as obsessions and phobias, excessive drug and alcohol use, sleep disorders/ insomnia and pain.


Our mind controls practically everything in our lives including perceptions, emotions, habits and behaviours. Hypnosis is a neutral state of highly concentrated attention during which the conscious mind is bypassed and the subconscious mind is activated to create a profound shift removing blocks in people’s lives that were previously impossible to eliminate, ensuring rapid powerful, positive long lasting and beneficial changes.


HYPNOSIS IS MEDICALLY DOCUMENTED TO IMPROVE HEALTH. Hypnosis has been a medically recognised occurrence for well over four decades. In 1958, the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association made resolutions recognizing hypnosis as an accepted form of treatment in medicine and dentistry.

Hypnosis is also well known for its success in identifying and removing negative triggers such as the urge to smoke, drink, abuse drugs and many phobias.


To understand the importance of Psychology in a person's day to day life we must first understand what Psychology is. Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mental process which can be applied to many things in life. Everything we do in life is related to Psychology. Psychology helps us understand who we are, why we are that way and also what we can become. Clinical Psychologists are highly skilled compassionate people who can help individuals with various personal and social issues that may be causing them severe distress.


Christine is a Professionally Trained Clinical Hypnotherapist and also a Mental Health Professional, being a trained and experienced counsellor with a strong foundation of knowledge and counselling microskills which cover a variety of contemporary counselling areas which include abuse issues and drug and alcohol issues.

She has also completed a workshop in modern, Advanced Medical Hypnosis with Alistair Horscroft and the Mind Institute and has acquired advanced principles, techniques and applications finding these effective in the treatment of Eating Disorders and IBS. She has also attended workshops in USA in Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Talya is a Clinical Psychologist who completed a double degree in Psychology and Addiction Studies. Following this, she did Honours and a Master of Psychology (Clinical). Talya's training allows her to use an integrated approach in the treatment of emotional disorders with a focus on Mindfulness, Schema Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy together with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to assist with the management of Depression, PTSD ,Addictions, Stress and Anxiety and Weight Related Issues and Eating Disorders.

She has attended various workshops in Australia and overseas and is an experienced facilitator in group work for Mental Health Issues, Weight Loss and Weight Management as well as Addictions

Private health fund rebates may be available depending on your level of cover. Alternatively your GP can assess your eligibility to claim a Medicare rebate to see Talya for up to 10 sessions.


Qualification Details

B. Applied Social Science (Counselling)
Dip. Counselling.
Practitioner Certificate of Hypnosis Field Therapy
Professional Member ASCH

Talya is a Clinical Psychologist and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and a Member of the Australian Clinical Psychologists Association.(MACPA).

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