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May 2018

Quit-Easy, ACT

Contact Name Rebbecca Acharya
Phone 1300 382 201
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Address Banks ACT 2906

Struggling to quit smoking?

Quit Smoking with Rebbecca Acharya

Rebbecca can help you get rapid change with lasting results. She specialises in helping people quit smoking for good!

Quit Smoking with Rebbecca Acharya

Quit-Easy, ACT

BE A QUITTER. Quiting saves lives

Rebbecca works with you to eradicate negative emotions and limiting beliefs, to identify and disconnect the triggers, to reprogram your thinking and get to the root cause!

With hypnotherapy, identities shift, old beliefs disappear, symptoms resolve and clients are amazed by the changes they feel. It’s a solution that's effective, lasting and immediate.  

Imagine waking up in the morning and not wanting a cigarette, in fact, never wanting to pick up a cigarette ever again! Feeling like you’ve escaped from behind the bars, spread your wings and taken off – to FREEDOM! A non-smoker – after being in chains for years.

How is this possible?  Rebbecca provides you with strategies you can use daily and makes it so simple that you wonder why you couldn’t do it before. 

So, YES, you CAN become a NON-SMOKER in 60 Minutes - although in some cases, it may take a few more sessions to achieve success.

Rebbecca offers a life-time guarantee and can do this given the high (95%) success rate. She looks forward to meeting you and helping you toss the smoking habit.

Programs Offered for Smoking Cessation

  1. QUIT SMOKING – 1 session with a follow-up session, if needed at no extra cost.
    • Session includes Hypnosis and NLP, as well as Time-line work to break the links to negative emotions and limiting beliefs which are often the underlying reasons for an addiction.
  2. COMPASS TO HEALTH AND HAPPINESS – 3 Sessions for Smokers with significant emotional linkages.
    • Removal of negative emotions and limiting beliefs
    • Hypnotherapy and NLP to break the habit
    • Coaching to achieve a compelling outcome and provide strategies and tips for maintenance.

The Benefit of hypnosis for smoking cessation is that you quit quickly, easily, without medication or harmful side-effects, and have no withdrawal symptoms. Your body starts the healing process once you stop smoking and gets rid of most of the toxins within 24-48 hours.

Click here to book a chat to see if and how we can help you. We also discuss your needs so we can tailor the session to you and inform you of cost based on what you need.

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