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Weight Loss
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May 2018

Quit-Easy, ACT

Contact Name Rebbecca Acharya
Phone 1300 382 201
Mobile 1300 382 201
Address Banks ACT 2906

Kick the Smoking habit with ease. Reach your Ideal Weight goals. Beat Depression and Anxiety effectively. Rid yourself of Chronic Pain.

Weight Loss

Are you struggling to achieve your ideal weight???

  1. TRIM, TAUT AND TERRIFIC (8 Sessions) which includes
    • Removal of negative emotions

    • Goal setting

    • Hypnosis and NLP

    • Addressing emotional eating and dealing with cravings and self-sabotage

    • 7 steps to make lifestyle changes

    • Briteline eating

    • Virtual Gastric Band surgery

    • NLP interventions

    • Emotional Needs Analysis

    • Coaching throughout the program.

  2. FROM FEAR TO FABULOUS – 10 Sessions
    • Includes all of the above, with more intensive work on Virtual Gastric Banding and removal of negative emotions.

  3. ELITE PROGRAM – 12 Sessions
    • Includes all of the content in Program 2-with deeper work to address Depression, anxiety, etc and remove negative emotions;

    • More intensive Emotional Needs Analysis work

    • Higher level of coaching and the use of several NLP interventions.

Costs for the program will be discussed during the complimentary consultation based on your needs.

The Benefit of using Hypnotherapy to reach your ideal weight is that while it doesn’t remove the responsibility you have for ensuring you do the right things, it makes it a lot easier to do them. This is because in Hypnosis, we are able to access the sub-conscious where your habits, your urges and a whole lot more, are stored. We have the opportunity to reprogram your sub-conscious mind and change the way you think of food and fitness. We also address the emotional causes that lead you to overeat or eat the wrong foods. While we are not nutritionists, we provide you with coaching on how to change your habits for the better.

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