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Change is something that we are all exposed to.

About Suzanne Butz Psychotherapist

Welcome to Suzanne Butz Psychotherapy

At times we choose to change and at other junctures change is thrust upon us. It does not matter the origins of these changes in our lives, we are able to use the moments of change to bring a greater sense of fulfilment to our lives.

Having a supportive, empathetic and guiding person through these times of change can help us to settle into a new and positive position.

Change can also manifest as anxiety, stress and even trauma in our lives. Suzanne works gently her clients who are feeling the pressures of circumstances that cannot be changed, bringing a profound understanding of the most up-to-date approaches of neuroscience, psychology and body work to her practice. Suzanne utilises techniques and information that empower you to live your very best life, to help your heart sing with joy!

Suzanne believes in empowering herself and others with appropriate knowledge, skills and techniques to allow them to thrive: emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually.

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Suzanne Butz Psychotherapist