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Servicing area: Moss Vale NSW

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Suzanne spent over 20 years working in IT before retraining in her mid-40s as a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist and finding a passion for working with stress, anxiety and trauma.

Psychotherapy, Counselling, General Therapy & Coaching


Good Counselling and therapy can help us through the tough times, letting us find our own answers and build our own strengths. A holistic approach is utilised, based on a Process Work Psychotherapy model and incorporating Systemic Constellation work.

General Therapy

Working through those extremely difficult times with a qualified and supportive counsellor can help you immensely with personal growth or at least bring us a sense of peace and acceptance. We are all entitled to feel peace and tranquillity within ourselves.

Working with a diverse range of issues including relationship and grief issues and trauma related problems. Through the healing of these issues I am able to help you find that comfortable space within ourselves.

Specialising in issues that are connected with change (environmental and physical, imposed and chosen).

Suzanna works collaboratively with children and adults alike, and also with families and couples.


At times we don’t need therapy or counselling, we just to make some changes in our lives.

One of the biggest issues for a large number of people is actually recognising and being able to clearly define what they would really like. Once we have come to understand exactly what it is that we are really looking for, where we really want to go, we are finally free to develop effective plans to make these changes in our lives.

Professional help can assist you to clearly recognise and to define what you would really like and can thus help you to develop plans and achieve the goals that you have created.

For others, we have already planned what we would like to achieve, but have difficulty in sustaining the energy and attention to manifest your goals. A qualified and trained coach can work closely alongside you to provide the impetus needed to continue moving forward.

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Suzanne Butz Psychotherapist