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It is now a widely known fact that every champion had a coach. This is no small statement. It is understood in the athletic world, that in order to achieve greatness, one needs an outsider to observe and teach new skills. The same can be said for every area of life. The perspective and expertise of an outsider is invaluable

What often happens when people attempt to do new things or achieve goals, is their ability to be objective gets blurred by being in the problem. That is, because a person is experiencing their life through their own eyes and in first person, it often becomes impossible to see any potential errors or ineffective strategies that are running.

With the perspective of an outsider who has your best interest in mind, you can more quickly eliminate what isnt working and start using new strategies to get what you want. But simply having an outsider is not enough. Just any old person is not going to be able to give the same kind of feedback as one with a trained eye. This is where NLP Coaches are invaluable. Because NLP Coaches are trained in process, they have a keen eye for spotting processes that are ineffective. They also are trained to remove and replace ineffective thinking to assist the client in accomplishing their goals in the easiest, quickest way possible.

We teach NLP Coaching as part of our Level 1 Coaching Course and Level 2 Coaching Course, which includes certifications. At the end of these trainings, the practitioner is not only certified in NLP Coaching, they also have all the knowledge of the other modalities to take into their coaching practice!

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