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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that develops when the body produces too many androgens.

What is Classical Homoeopathy?

In the initial homeopathic case-taking interview, the patient has the opportunity to discuss absolutely all concerns related to his or her health

Professional Kinesiology Practice

Professional Kinesiology Practice is unique and a complete kinesiology system with a database of 300 fingermodes. It was developed by a medical doctor, Dr Bruce Dewe and his wife Joan Dewe in the 1980s and has been taught since then in over 16 countries.

Feng Shui for Health: Tips from the Experts

In Feng Shui, the health energy is the centre of all energies and thus is found in the centre of the home.

Cox Decompression: A New Type of Therapy for Back Pain

Is a gentle adjusting procedure. It makes use of special treatment tables that work with the bodys natural design to help it heal correctly

Just Breathe

Learn more about the importance of breathing and the basics of breathwork therapy.

Buteyko Breathing Method 101: The Basics

Find out more about Buteyko breathing method and how it can help your health.

Benefits of a Detox Wrap

Detox wraps are one way to detoxify your body while getting pampered at the same time!

Colon Hydrotherapy 101: Why & How

Colon hydrotherapy is an efficient way to remove toxins, relieve intestinal stress, stimulate muscle function and aid in the body’s natural elimination processes.

Aromatherapy for Energy

Aromatherapy for Energy