Digital Practitioner Program

DPP Part 6: How to use Instagram to connect with more clients

Dec 07, 2020

Social media is about strengthening connections between you and your clients. This week, we take a look at another important platform that requires a slightly different approach: Instagram.  Why is Instagram important for your practice?  Images...

DPP Part 5: How to use Facebook to connect with clients

Dec 03, 2020

For most new clients, their first exposure or interaction with your business will be online. For you, building an emotional connection and being open to regularly communicating with clients is vital - and this is something that can be strengthened...

DPP Part 4: How to deliver better online consultations (+ invite to our webinar hosted by our CEO)

Nov 02, 2020

Tim, our new owner and CEO, is running an exclusive webinar for our members: How to Deliver Better Online Consultations. Please read this and find the webinar invitation details below. Only 100 people can attend, so please make sure you register...

DPP Part 3: It's about how you attract REPEAT clients

Oct 15, 2020

While the natural health industry has gained momentum as a growth industry, there are a growing number of people learning to become practitioners. With many different people offering the same sort of services as yourself, it can often be difficult...

DPP Part 2: 83.2% of people would trust natural health services online

Oct 09, 2020

So many people are online these days. Basically, everyone is going online these days to search for information. One of the biggest challenges people face is knowing what information to trust. They often think that the higher a web page ranks in Google, the...

DPP Part 1: Don't compromise your values in your marketing efforts

Oct 09, 2020

It's easy for people on the outside looking in to conflate your practice with your business. But we both know these are two completely different things. Many business coaches in the industry will try to show you how you can earn 10x more money by doing...

What is Digital Practitioner Program?

Oct 09, 2020

Welcome to the Digital Practitioner Program (DPP)! One of the biggest challenges that practitioners face is doing all of the business stuff - admin, finances, marketing, etc - it's definitely not the reason why they became a practitioner! We've been...

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