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Support your child’s growth and development by addressing their breathing condition.

Healthy Breathing, Healthy Child: Integrative Breathing Therapy for Kids

Engage Your Child in a Fun, Integrative Breathing Therapy Program 

Dr Rosalba Courtney ND DO PHD offers a relaxing and fun breathing therapy program for children in Avalon NSW.

The 5-week Healthy Breathing, Healthy Child program aims to correct your child’s poor breathing habits with the proper techniques combined with relaxation and mindfulness exercises.

How Breathing Affects Children’s Health and Development

Your child’s breathing pattern is one of the main foundations of their growing and learning progress.Poor breathing can have a negative impact on their health, wellbeing, temperament and behaviour.

It also affects their speech, swallowing and posture, causing facial, dental and structural impairment in the long run. Fortunately, poor breathing is not irreparable. In fact, it can easily be corrected through the breathing techniques and functional retraining exercises your child will learn in our IBT program.

Benefits of the Integrative Breathing Therapy Program for Children
  • Treats mouth breathing, tongue thrust and abnormal swallowing
  • Relieves asthma, clogged and runny noses
  • Resolves sleep disorders, snoring and sleep apnea
  • Improves breathing patterns
  • Treats hyperventilation
  • Treats breathing disorders due to anxiety

The program covers a complete breathing and structural assessment with Dr. Courtney prior to the actual start of the therapy session. During which, she will identify the root causes of your child’s breathing problem.

After that, she will either recommend our Healthy Breathing, Healthy Child program or suggest other treatment methods or other healthcare professionals. If she advises you to proceed with our IBT program for children, your child will undergo a 5-week therapy session where they will learn different breathing techniques in a fun and engaging environment.

Backed by music and storytelling, our energising class will surely get your child to participate in our mind-body exercises and breathing techniques.

You may avail a private consultation for your child or enroll them in our group classes.

Book an appointment to find out more about this program.

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Dr Rosalba Courtney ND DO PHD - Integrative Breathing Therapy