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Canberra Wellness Centre

Our unique Naturopathic, Nutritional, Biomedical and Homeopathic treatments can improve your energy, stabilise mood and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

Our specialist testing can include SIBO breath testing, RBTI Urine & Saliva Testing, Body Health Test, Antioxidant & Free Radical Blood Testing, Food Sensitivity Testing, Wellness Assessment, Laboratory Digestion, Parasite & Microbe Testing. Zinc, Iodine Comprehensive Thyroid Analysis and Functional Pathology to name just some of what we offer. This enables us to determine WHY you feel the way you do and how to bring you back to health.

Included at the initial appointment is your FREE Wellness Assessment (valued at $127)

Canberra Wellness Centre - Programs & Testing


Utilising specialised tests in our Programs:

  • Save you time and money as you will only be prescribed supplements if you truly need them.
  • Teach you more about your health than you ever thought possible.
  • Provide solutions to your health concerns and allow you to move forward with your health and your life.

Phone the Centre reception on 02 62953828 for more information.

Seeing Michelle was the wake up call I needed and now I know that I have a healthy and happy future ahead of me. Ive recommended her to all my friends, family and work colleagues as I think everyone should feel as good as I do

We offer 3 program options for you, designed to get you back to better health

The first goes for 8 weeks and includes 4 appointments and testing. It will improve your energy, skin and mood, clear headaches, bloating and digestive problems. Find out more >>

The second is our Detox Energy Restoration Program and goes for 16 weeks and includes 7 appointments with extra tests. We recommend this for those of you with more complex health issues.

The third goes for 6 months and includes 10 appointments with extra testing for those whose health requires a longer term strategy.

Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Are you wondering if wheat, milk or other foods are causing your uncomfortable symptoms? Youre not the only one! Sometimes theyre not the problem though. Id rather find out than torture myself by avoiding foods I like if theyre not the issue. Wind, pain, cramping, bowel disruptions and noise belly can be resolved.

  • Often childrens eczema is caused by common foods. Its remarkable how quickly their skin heals once the food is removed and skin healing nutrients are temporarily used.

  • Constant blocked sinus, post nasal drip, irritating cough and runny nose can also be from food and or environmental factors.


1. Finger Prick Food Sensitivity Testing. This IgG blood test looks for immune antibodies to particular food. It measures the degree of reaction from mild, medium to severe. After avoidance of the offending foods can be retested in 1 year to see improvements. Not recommended for young children. This is not allergy testing. That is done at the GP.

2. Our in-house Biomeridian Testing. This is non-invasive and suitable for all age groups including babies. It uses painless pressure-point testing to determine which food is weakening or causing stress to the system at the moment. It looks at the more subtle reactions to food. With avoidance of the problem causing food and chemicals we can retest to check improvements within 6 8 weeks. We also advise treatment of the gut to reduce inflammation and improve digestion during that time.

3. 500 Food & Household Item Test: This is a new test. It is also non invasive and uses a hair sample which is sent to a lab. It checks common Australian food groups, bathroom, laundry and kitchen products as well as supermarket cereals, health food shop items and alcohol.

RBTI: Urine and Saliva

Email report included. This amazing test can give us clues to why you are tired, even if you eat well. It gives us clear insights into your body chemistry so we know the background of many health problems, as well as prevent conditions you may not be aware of yet. It is the perfect way to see if you are following family disease tendencies. Simple treatments help the body heal and look after you so you dont waste money on supplements you may not need. We clearly see whether you are breaking down your food properly, absorbing it, clearing waste or storing it, whether your liver is coping or not. Carbohydrate levels can be too high or too low. This indicates whether your energy crashes after meals and if youre on track for insulin resistance or diabetes. Salt levels indicate whether your diet needs changing or you just dont drink enough water, urine and saliva pH tell us if you are too acid or alkaline so not digesting properly. It also shows if a part of your body is under pressure, like the heart, thyroid, pancreas, gut and reproductive area.


This comprehensive stool test checks large bowel toxicity, levels of good and bad bacteria & parasites. It can explain all sorts of gut health problems and why you may react badly to standard probiotics. We use different labs depending upon what we need to find out. These include Doctor's Data CSA, Nutripath CDSA, Bioscreen, SIBO breath testing.

Are you recycling your own garbage? Starting to react to food that used to be okay? Stress, antibiotics, candida and tummy bugs can all weaken your bowel. We can start by clearing out the nasties, restoring the good guys, reduce the inflammation and track your progress to health. Youll have better energy because youll be absorbing vitamins more efficiently and clearing waste. How is your gut coping with daily life?


A quick taste test determines your reserves of this vital nutrient. Up to 75% - 85% of Australians are zinc deficient and can benefit from supplementation. Clues are low immunity, poor wound healing, not coping with constant stress, infertility, frequent colds and flu, insomnia, anxiety and depression including post natal depression and skin health. As you can see, adequate zinc levels are vital for optimal health.

URINE TEST: ph Levels

Unhealthy / healthy? Too acid or too alkaline? Easy changes to food and diet can bring it back to healthy range.


Your practitioner uses this scientifically validated test to design a program specifically for your needs. Dietary advice, exercise recommendations and any necessary nutritional supplements, teas or herbal medicines will be prescribed. The report is sent by email.

This Test checks:

  1. Cell membrane resilience which determines whether youre eating enough protein and good fats to keep you strong and resistant to disease, absorbing nutrients and clearing waste.

  2. Fluid balance shows whether your cells (you) are properly hydrated like a grape or dried up like a sultana! You could be drinking a lot but its not getting to where it needs to be. We can also see if you have fluid retention holding toxic waste that hinders weight loss and energy.

  3. Muscle mass. Do you have the right amount for your age? Without enough muscle you dont burn fat efficiently. We start to lose muscle in our forties, so maintaining the muscle for healthy aging and life extension is vital. We can see whether the exercise you are doing is actually keeping you healthy.

  4. Fat mass. Your percentage determines the style of eating and exercise that will work best for you. Whether you need to reduce fat or gain it we can track it accurately.

  5. Estimated Cell Age is best when its close to your actual age. This is worth knowing to track improvements.

  6. Your accurate BMI makes sure that you are in the healthy weight range for your body type.


In house or Functional Pathology. Blood is considered 'the River of Life' and is the best way to view your inner health. Test results reveal the story of your blood to give us insights into the triggers and causes of many health concerns. These may include sluggish or overactive immune cells, which tells us whether you can efficiently activate your immune system to fight allergies, bacteria and viruses.
Your test results alert us to red cell size and structure that indicates nutritional deficiencies, oxidative stress damage and at other signs of inflammation, liver stress and leaky gut. It's fascinating to find out that something as basic as low iron can be causing common symptoms of fatigue, headaches, poor immunity and heavy period.
Blood Tests give us the keys to treatment choices that will revitalize and rejuvenate your health. Then we can track your progress not only with improved symptoms but changes in the blood results. We can determine which tests are relevant for you at your first consultation. If you've had recent blood tests please bring a copy to your appointment, whether or not they were deemed 'in range'.


Free Radicals are a by-product of food, chemicals and exercise and can lead to cell damage and genetic mutations. Antioxidants absorb the free radicals neutralising them. If they dont the damage is called Oxidative Stress. This can affect our energy, health, performance and cause premature aging. This can eventually lead to or accelerate the progress of diseases. This is a great way to determine whether your lifestyle is healthy or not.


A simple urine test can broadly determine current excretion levels of common heavy metals like Mercury, Lead, Cadmium as well as excess Copper. Depending on the results we may decide to look at the more detailed Hair Mineral Analysis.


Hair Mineral Analysis shows whether heavy metals are blocking your return to optimal health. Mercury can inhibit absorption of Zinc, perpetuate candida, poor immunity, headaches, pain, increase risk of miscarriage, and many more unpleasant symptoms. Our specialist lab analyses a sample of your hair to reveal current excretion levels.


Fed up with treatments that dont work?
This remarkable technology reveals barriers to optimal health by scanning you and finding where the underlying problems are that need addressing. E.g. Is it the liver, thyroid or another organ.
The amazing thing is we can test which medicine is going to work best. If you suffer from candida, leaky gut, liver or any other organ imbalance we can accurately track improvements and your health returning. Often sensitivities to food and chemicals are a problem.We can look at specifics and groups like wheat, dairy, gluten and many more including chemicals and environmentals. Adding this test to your treatment plan can be the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle to return you to optimal health. We can also desensitize you to grasses, pollens, foods, moulds and animals so you can tolerate them better. Here is a link to a prominent Harley St Medical Practice in London that uses the same technology.


The Boost Your Fertility Program is recommended for both prospective parents to ensure optimal nourishment for a healthy pregnancy and baby.Find out more >>


Covered by BUPA, NRMA, NIB and other health funds, can be an upfront payment or direct debit. Being covered by health funds means that not only can you claim for the program package, but also for the naturopathic appointments. Find out more >>


Functional Pathology Testing can be ordered to determine details about liver detoxification, gut function specifics, hormone balance, food intolerances and adrenal stress hormones.


Call the clinic today to book your first appointment, or to discuss how you can benefit from one of our programs or allergy testing consultations.

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Adv Dip Nat, Dip H.M. Rem M., ACNEM Primary Training, MINDD training, Post Graduate Natural Fertility Management, Grad.Dip Adult Ed and Training, Member ATMS, Health Funds. In Clinical Practice over 22 years.


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