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Michelle Kirby

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Canberra Wellness Centre


FINALLY! A healthy alternative to all those weight loss programs. 

No rebound weight gain either.

Extra health fund rebates from BUPA
available with our 8 or 16 week program

Included at the initial appointment is your FREE Wellness Assessment (valued at $127)

Canberra Wellness Centre - Weight/ Fat Loss

Join our 8 or 16 week Shake It Program!

  • We understand that a healthy body can maintain its natural weight.

  • We can resolve common blocks like sugar cravings, thyroid and other hormonal problems and addictive food habits.

  • We may suggest further testing to find out why you can't shift the weight. Our thyroid testing shows how to fix it unlike standard thyroid blood tests.

  • Your specific eating guidelines are determined by how much fat there is to lose, lifestyle pressures and food intolerances.

  • A realistic plan will be created so you can achieve your goals.

  • Exercise strategies that work are included and if useful we can recommend supportive personal trainers.

  • We can redo your Body Health Test weekly, fortnightly or monthly to accurately track your progress and keep you motivated.

  • Did you know that if your liver isn't detoxifying efficiently it may not let your body release fat stores, so fat loss plateaus. We know how to fix it for you!


Barriers to Fat Loss

If your liver is overloaded your fat loss can plateau. We determine whether this is an issue for you with our free Wellness Assessment (valued at $127) at your first appointment.

Adrenal stress and a less than optimal functioning thyroid can also impair fat loss. We use our BioMeridian test to determine if this is a problem for you. We can also order Functional Pathology tests to determine this.

Adrenal stress can create excess cortisol production in an attempt to reduce the bodys stress levels. This can directly lead to build up of fat around the belly and organs. This is not beneficial for long term health and can frustrate fat loss in those who are eating really well.

Thyroid under functioning can slow down your metabolic rate so all you have to do is look at food and put on fat. Standard TSH testing doesnt work this out.

We are the only Wellness Clinic in Canberra offering Free Radical & Antioxidant Testing. If you have Oxidative Stress it can prevent fat and fluid loss due to the detrimental impact upon the Liver, Adrenals & Thyroid.

Call the clinic today to discuss how you can get the most out of our 8 or 16 week program

Qualification Details

Adv Dip Nat, Dip H.M. Rem M., ACNEM Primary Training, MINDD training, Post Graduate Natural Fertility Management, Grad.Dip Adult Ed and Training, Member ATMS, Health Funds. In Clinical Practice over 22 years.


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