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Your journey with us revolves around regulation and nourishment, with therapy focusing on root causes and targeted therapies to assist in restoring balance to your system.

Nutrition & Naturopathy


Combining the traditions of food as medicine, dietary meal planning along with scientific advances in the use of nutrients at therapeutic doses, management and prevention of disease - that is the treatment of Nutritional Medicine.

Nutritional Medicine incorporates the study of food pharmacology, the food system, biochemistry, human nutrition, relevant government regulations and public health, and considers how each can impact our health. Anyone interested in improving and maintaining their health can benefit from seeing a Nutritionist.


Naturopathy's primary goal is one of supporting self-repair. Arguably the most appropriate approach in the challenge of chronic disease and the broad range of syndromes. As the human body is a finely tuned organism, given the correct monitoring, treatment and support - it is capable of self-healing.

The healing power of life is the only healer and the physician should do no more than help it on its way. This is our guiding ideal. No-one doubts that self-repair is a vital phenomenon. However, modern medicine has moved away from the classic principle that all healing is self-healing. 

Drugs and surgery aid in reducing pain and distress, and returning an acceptable function. At best they enable spontaneous repair to occur, where it had previously been prevented.  

At Core, we work with conventional medicine in many circumstances as it saves lives and protects health in ways inconceivable to pre-scientific medicine.

What to Expect During a Consultation with:

A Nutritionist...

When you book an appointment with a nutritionist the time is spent looking at YOU – your health, and how your diet can be enhanced to best meet your health goals and improve your well-being.

A Naturopath...

A detailed testing protocol beings the sessions which includes a physical examination, clinical and laboratory diagnostic tests. The second consultation includes an overview of test results, an exploration of stress, diet, lifestyle and environmental factors; and then, the initiation of a treatment plan.

A treatment plan will discuss lifestyle modifications, for example relaxation practices, sleep, dietary recommendations, exercise, herbal remedies &/or nutritional supplements.

In both cases, sometimes only minor changes can make a huge impact on how you feel and respond to other treatment modalities. Chronic problems can take longer (sometimes months), its good to know that improvement will be felt within a few days to a few weeks - this does greatly depends upon the persistance and effort of the client. As a general rule, treatment duration is around 1-3 months for each year the problem has persisted.

Who Can Benefit From Naturopathic Consultation?

Chronic conditions that have not responded to conventional medicine may particularly benefit from the Naturopathic approach. These include:

    • Sport and Peak Performance
    • Stress and Mood Disorders
    • Thyroid Disorders
    • Immune Support
    • Children’s Development & Behaviour
    • Wellness and Healthy Aging
    • Weight Management
    • Digestive and Gut Support
    • Musculoskeletal & Anti-inflammatory
    • Cardiovascular Support
    • Fatigue and Weakness
    • Male Support
    • Fertility Management
    • Environmental Illnesses
    • Allergy & Respiration
    • Cancer Support

Holistic Weight Management

Take all aspects of your life and individual health into account in this comprehensive Holistic Weight Management course, designed by the team at Core Naturopathics which is cutting edge! Our intention is to educate, empower, support you and measure the progress in the long term to aid you in achieving your goals.

Nutrition & Food Coaching

Let us introduce you to real living foods! We want to empower you with information on how to use nutrient-dense superfoods in every day cooking. The program at Core Naturopathics offers a holistic, educational and comprehensive approach to nutrition and meal planning.

Pop along to our website to find recipes and our 'Nutribites' Blog!


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