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Dulwich Hill

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Self-development First aid training Chronic health issues Babies Life direction Pregnancy support

Homoeopathy - A Journey into Healing and Self Understanding

Diane McCombe Diploma of Homoeopathy, Diploma of Naturopathy.

Diane is a Homoeopath of twenty years experience who develops a safe and caring relationship with her clients. Diane runs a successful practice at the Bondi Junction Healing Centre, with an emphasis on guiding her patients on a journey of self understanding and self development. Founder of the Sydney College of Homoeopathic Medicine and Lecturer over many years, she also continues to inspire students to embrace homoeopathy, and the art of healing.

Why Homoeopathy Works

Homoeopathic medicines act rapidly, deeply and curatively, gently stimulating your own inherent healing powers to re- balance your system. As your homoeopathic remedy begins to take effect you may find yourself saying my pain is better or I feel so much better in myself. This is the effect of balancing and improving your health as a whole.

Homoeopathy - A Journey of Self Understanding and Healing

Your first consultation

To gain a true understanding of you and to enable me to choose the best homoeopathic medicine for you and your symptoms, I will need to know as much about you and your health problems as possible. Many of my clients find the experience of the first consultation both rewarding and profound. They often say that having reviewed their life within this first consultation, they are able to understand more deeply how their stresses and experiences have contributed towards their present state of health .

As a Homoeopath I treat you as an individual with individualised medicines.

During your first consultation I will ask you about of your main health issue and how it affects you. I will need to know about your medical history, your patterns of sleep, eating, food cravings, digestion, aches and pains etc and also any emotions you experience such as anxiety or fear, must be taken into consideration This information will help me to select the right homoeopathic medicine for you as a unique individual.

This recognition of every person as unique and individual is one of the strengths of Homoeopathy. For example, five people may all have arthritis, yet the symptoms of the disease will vary from person to person and each will have different stresses in their life that need to be taken into consideration. Thus each person will need a different medicine.

Who can be treated with Homeopathic medicine and how long will it take?

Homoeopathic medicines are effective and safe for adults, pregnant women, children and babes in arms. The medicines used are gentle, yet rapid in their action with no side effects or toxic ingredients.

In order to gain this understanding of you and the state of your health an initial consultation may take up to one and a half hours. If you are bringing your baby or child, or if you have and acute problem it will take a shorter time.


In the six months prior to visiting Diane, I had suffered from Chronic Urticaria (Hives). I had been to a number of doctors and specialists, had multiple blood tests and, in each case, I was advised to take strong anti-histamines to relieve some of the itchiness and discomfort associated with the condition. While the anti-histamines did give me some temporary relief, they only masked the problem because, as soon as they wore off, I would be covered in itchy welts again. After six months of living with this extremely uncomfortable condition, I started to feel quite depressed, particularly given that none of the doctors I visited seemed to know how to treat the problem. I was told that it might go away tomorrow, or it might last for ten years!

After visiting Diane, however, things improved considerably. I had never been to a homeopath before, but a friend recommended Diane as someone who would try to get at the root of the problem, rather than looking for a quick-fix solution. My spirits were raised considerably when Diane said at our first meeting that she thought she would be able to treat the problem, which is not something I had heard from any of the doctors or specialists I had visited previously. However, I was still amazed when, after only one week of taking the prescribed treatment, my symptoms had diminished significantly. And, after only two weeks of treatment, I stopped taking anti-histamines completely! I am extremely grateful to Diane for the seriousness, care and dedication with which she approached both the problem and the treatment. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

What Can Homoeopathy Treat?

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sleeplessness
  • Difficulties in relationships
  • Loss and grief
  • Confidence
  • Support in your life direction
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Skin problems
  • Digestive problems, Irritable bowel

    Homoeopathy Pregnancy and labour.

    Pregnancy is a wonderful time to have homoeopathic treatment as it not only benefits the mothers health, but also improves the health of the child. Any imbalances that are rectified during the pregnancy also ensure that both mother and child are healthier at the time of birth enabling the natural processes to flow. However, should any problems arise during labour Homoeopathic medicines will quickly re-establish equilibrium and help the labour to progress smoothly without taking over or interfering with the body's own natural processes.

    Homoeopathy Babies and Children

    Homoeopathy is safe and effective with babies and children.Teething problems, fevers,

    sleeplessness, biting, colds and flues and emotional issues such tantrums, confidence, separation anxiety, to name a few all respond well to homoeopathy and both your childs health and happiness will improve.

    Homoeopathy and Womens Problems

    If you are missing days at work because of painful periods, struggle with premenstrual syndrome, are having difficulty falling pregnant or because of menopausal changes are sleepless and having hot flushes Homoeopathic medicines will balance and assist you

    About Homoeopathy

    Homoeopathy has stood the test of time

    Homoeopathy was developed 200 years ago by the German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, and is a revolutionary system of medicine which has stood the test of time. Homoeopathic medicines are being effectively used today to bring about gentle and rapid healing, without any harmful side effects.Many people have now turned to Homoeopathy as they want to look at disease and healing in a different way. Homoeopathy is now the second most commonly used form of medicine in the world today.

    What is Homoeopathy based on?

    Homoeopathy is a scientific system of medicine based on simple but profound principles. The most important of these is the Law of Similars, often know as like cures like In other words a medicine is given to you which reflects or mirrors the symptoms that you are experiencing. This medicine is able to stimulate your bodys natural healing properties to re-balance your system and bring about healing.

    What are the medicines made of and how many will I be given?

    Medicines are carefully prepared in laboratories from the plant, mineral, animal or chemical kingdoms.These medicines are then prescribed in very minute doses that not only have the power to act rapidly, deeply and curatively but they do this without any harmful side effects. Because Homoeopathic medicines act on the whole person only one medicine needs to be given at a time. This also enables the Homoeopath to carefully evaluate your response to the medicine.

    Do Homoeopathic medicines help with acute and chronic illness

    Homoeopathic medicines are extremely effective and fast acting in first aid treatment and acute illness.For instance a fever will be reduced in a very short time as will the pain of a sprain or burn or the symptoms of a cold. Homoeopathic medicines are also effective for chronic health problems or disease. The Homoeopathic approach to chronic illness allows healing to occur on a deep level and addresses the underlying cause of your disease and because of this is often effective in cases where orthodox medicine has not succeeded.

    Can Homoeopathic Medicines be taken with Conventional medicines ?

    Homoeopathic medicines may be taken in conjunction with conventional drugs without any adverse effects.

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