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Dr Sandeep Gupta

Sandeep Gupta is a medical doctor, nutritional and environmental medicine specialist, and wellness coach.Dr Gupta graduated from medical school at the University of Queensland 1999. Since then he served in a range of public and private hospitals in the South-East Queensland region, serving as a cardiology, medical and anaesthetic registrar. He also has approximately five years experience in working in Intensive Care, particularly in the area of post-cardiac surgery care.

Dr Gupta has received specialized training in integrative medicine, and was awarded a Fellowship of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine in 2008 and a Fellowship of the Australian College of General Practitioners in 2010. He has also actively lectured Ayurveda House in Northern NSW, at the University of Queensland Medical Course in Brisbane, the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and for the Brisbane Holistic Health Group.

Dr Gupta strives to walk his talk in his own life, keeps up to date with current developments in the field, and genuinely aims to approach clients with respect, service and empathy.

Some of Sandeep Guptas areas of interest are in adrenal gland dysfunction, treatment of parasite and other gastrointestinal infections and food intolerances and allergies. He finds the treatment of complex and multisystem disease to be a unique challenge.

Dr Gupta feels his role is provide information, support and guidance, but the results an individual gets will depend primarily on their actions, and the way they live. This learning process is something we all have to go through. A doctor in the purest sense is a teacher, an educator and an inspiration for others.

Dr Gupta doesnt aim treat diseases, but rather to help clients to learn to treat their own underlying physical, emotional and spiritual setup so as to address the causes of disease. Of course specific treatment protocols can help us to turn the corner on our health situation, but an underlying foundation of healthy living is vital for long-term results.

Modalities Available

Nutrition & Environmental Medicine
The fundamental principle of nutritional and environmental medicine is to provide the body with the building blocks it needs to carry out growth, repair and detoxification of metabolic wastes. Secondly to minimize or eliminates anything hindering this process. In practice this often means making changes to diet, exercise, lifestyle, the use of supplements etc. This all occurs in line with well established protocols, including a low-reactive diet regime, supplemental nutrient support, heavy metal elimination etc. This approach to medicine can be used in combination with conventional medicine, or in isolation.

Raw & Living Foods Approach
The pivotal principle behind the living foods approach is to maximize the amount of live, raw plant-based foods in the diet. The benefit of this is a great increase in the amount of nutrients available from foods, an increase in the amount of plant enzymes available, a huge increase in the bio-photon energy from foods, and an activation of anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-ageing genes. Of course those with low-digestive fire (agni) or a vata constitution may need to make a gradual change to this approach, and individualize their style of living foods, however almost all people can benefit from the vibrant benefit of more living foods in the diet.

Injectable Nutrient Therapy
For those suffering from diseases of the gut, and general cellular dysfunction, absorbing nutrients into the blood-stream can be extremely difficult. This is where nutrients given directly via the injectable route can be extremely helpful. For those with severe viral infections and post-viral fatigue, intravenous vitamin C in particular can be dramatically effective. In other instances, injectable B vitamins, glutathione, zinc, magnesium or other trace minerals can provide much-needed nutritional support.

Metabolic Typing
A fundamental principle of many ancient medicine systems was that each persons constitution is unique. In practice, this means that dietary and lifestyle recommendations need to be tailored to the individual. Dr Roger Williams came out with a landmark work called Biochemical Individuality in the 1920s explaining this in detail. Since this work, extensive work has been carried out, predominantly in the United States, on determining an individuals predominant homeostatic systems and balancing these through diet and lifestyle. In this sense, Metabolic Typing is a wonderful accompaniment to ayurvedic medicine as it provides an understanding of individuality on a biochemical level, rather than just on an energetic level. This is basically identical to Dr Mercolas nutritional typing system, which was derived from the same research.


Holistic medicine means an approach to medicine in which all factors contributing to wellness or unwellness are included. Integrative medicine is another name for it.

Holistic doctors are generally thoroughly trained in both conventional medicine and also in complementary medicine modalities.

Conventional medicine over the last couple of centuries has focused largely on disease as being like an external invader to the body. This is the premise of the widely-accepted germ theory of Pasteur and Robert Koch. This model probably served us well up until the early 1900s where the major causes of death and morbidity were infectious diseases such as polio, smallpox and the like. It has also become very adept at dealing with acute life-threatening illnesses like heart attacks, sepsis, trauma and the link.

However we are now in an era where chronic degenerative diseases are on the rise. We dont die of polio anymore; its cancer, heart disease and complications of diabetes. Most of these arent acute attacks which come from nowhere, but rather conditions that start silently and progress and are related to diet and lifestyle.

We are currently seeing an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes and obesity in Australia. This epidemic is showing no signs of turning the corner. Our emergency departments are overflowing, not with people with acute life-threatening problems, but with chronic degenerative ailments that just dont seem to be getting better.

Have we missed the boat somewhere?
Our core philosophy is that the health of the fish is only as good as the health of the water it is swimming around in. The biological terrain of our body becomes compromised through eating foods loaded with sugar, refined carbohydrates, animal proteins and dairy products. This combined with poorly managed stress, poor digestion, lack of exercise, circulation and spiritual and creative expression, and weve got a formula for a progressive decline to this precious terrain of our body.

The swamp breeds mosquitoes, not the other way around.
If we start to reverse the acidic, compromised terrain of the body using an alkalising, nutrient-dense plant-based diet, individualized to ones constitution, and coupled with regular exercise, relaxation, meditation, spiritual and creative expression and joy, we will start to see our chronic conditions also reversing themselves without any antibiotics, complex medical investigations and procedures etc. Of course, these can be utilized in emergency situations, but really that is where their role probably ends. The key in the current era is in a holistic approach that reverses the morbid influences making us susceptible to chronic degenerative disease.

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Qualification details

Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (MBBS) University of QLD - 1999
Fellow of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (FACNEM) 2010
Fellow of the Royal Austrasian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) 2011
Masters in Raw & Living Food Nutrition - University of Integrated Science - 2012
Mastery Level Certificate in Quantum Reflex Analysis
Level I Certification in Metabolic Typing
Certification in Biomesotherapy

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