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Hinterland Osteopathy and Allied Health

Mary Thiel

2/10 Station St
Bangalow NSW 2479


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Hinterland Osteopathy and Allied Health

throughout Mary's professional experience, She has been educated in different conditions

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In an initial naturopath consult Mary will explore concerning symptoms along with details on digestive health, lifestyle and diet. Physical examinations in consults may look at a variety of examinations that include blood pressure, pulse, tongue, eyes, nails, urine analysis, palpations of the abdomen and lymphatics. Mary will begin the first step into treatment recommendations which may include further pathology testing with NutriPATH. The initial treatment plan will aim to support the body’s natural healing defences which including diet and lifestyle recommendations, and herbal and/or nutritional prescriptions. The information gathered from the initial consult will be further researched and a long term treatment plan will be devised for the second consult.

In the second consult, which is usually 2 weeks after the initial consult, Mary will provide a report of findings of your concerning symptoms including any pathology results. A tailored treatment plan will be provided which will include a more in depth diet and lifestyle advice and natural remedies. Thereafter consequent consults usually occur every 3 – 4 weeks which will observe how the treatment plan is going and any obstacles that may arise.

Mary has been trained in a variety of ailments throughout her clinical experience and has a special interest in:
  • Digestive complaints including bloating, indigestion, nausea, diarrhoea and constipation
  • Digestive bacterial overgrowths including SIBO, Helicobacter pylori, fungal infections and parasite infection.
  • Immune support and frequent occurrence of cold and flu
  • Fatigue and stress
  • Sleep issues and insomnia
  • Women’s health


Initial Consult (1 hour): $95

2nd Consult (45 minutes): $80

3rd and consecutive consults (30 minutes):  $60

Acute Consult (20 minutes): $40

All  Naturopathic bookings can be made online at Hinterland Osteopathy via this following link. Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out some paperwork

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