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No pain is welcome!
Your body is letting you know that something is wrong,
don’t ignore it!

Intelligent Body, Health & Beauty


Pain is experienced in many forms:

  • Visceral pain - pain that results from the activation of nociceptors resulting from injury or disease in an organ of the chest, pelvic or abdominal areas, pain often felt as a poorly localized aching or cramping sensation in the skin.

  • Migraine/headache: headache from a fever or blocked sinuses

  • Muscle, joint and ligament pain due to injury, strain or just imbalance can cause deep distress

  • Stress, especially when prolonged and/or severe causes an imbalance in the bodies chemistry which can result in tension and pain throughout the body

Pain can be internal, within the body or external caused by damage, overexertion, or a challenged immune system as well as other factors

There are many strategies to help with pain and pain management that are of benefit and are frequently very effective, whether it be chronic pain or acute pain

No pain is welcome, it is your body letting you know that something is wrong don’t ignore it – seek help from your health care provider.

Foot Joint Mobilisation

‘When my feet hurt I hurt all over’

So many of us will agree with this statement – feet and their effects on our health are many.

There are nerve receptors called proprioceptors, within the foot that sense movement – this information is sent to the brain then relayed to the muscles co-ordinating balanced movement.

If the foot is not functioning correctly the nerves send confused messages and incorrect information which causes disharmony resulting in strained ligaments, fatigued muscles, aching joints and headaches from irritated muscles at the base of the skull.

A series of short treatments working with the 28 bones in the feet realigns the many ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones in that area and can result in huge relief from pain and discomfort – not only in the feet but in other areas of the body that have been forced to compromise because of the imbalance caused.

Patients find the FJM treatments pleasant, relaxing and soothing and they love the difference it makes to sore, tired, aching, misaligned feet.


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Intelligent Body, Health & Beauty