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Jane Borgeaud

Jane Borgeaud

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A Natural Holistic Approach To Your Health & Wellbeing Nutrition Giralang ACT

Jane Borgeaud

Servicing area

Giralang, Australian Capital Territory

Focus areas

Natural medicine Anxiety Emotions Well-being Stress management Tiredness

Do you suffer any of the following:

Tiredness No energy Stress Digestive problems Overweight Respiratory complaints Allergies Reproductive disorders Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Heart/Blood Pressure problems Depression

Would you like to improve your health and wellbeing?

Then, I would like to help YOU take charge of YOUR health with the use of Natural Medicine.
As a Naturopath I take a holistic approach to health - investigating the underlying cause of disease and its symptoms.

You will be treated as an individual, with your treatment plan tailored to your specific requirements and assessed regularly in order to achieve your health goals. Sometimes, this may take a few weeks to a few months, depending on your health issue, but the ultimate goal is to ACHIEVE YOUR OPTIMUM HEALTH & WELLNESS.

Some medical tests may be required to confirm and assist in constructing your treatment plan.
I use a number of modalities to assist you in regaining your health and vitality.


Herbal Medicine
Herbal medicine has been used for centuries to facilitate healing. In fact numerous prescription drugs (aspirin) were derived from herbs. Herbal constituents are still being studied and isolated today by pharmaceutical companies.

Homoeopathic medicine
Homoeopathy was developed hundreds of years ago by Dr Samual Hahnemann who was influenced by the healing power of nature, believing that health was a dynamic balance of body, mind and emotions. Homoeopathy works on all three levels.

Dietary & Nutritional Advice
Nutrition is the foundation of health; it provides the building blocks of the body allowing it to grow and flourish to its full potential. Naturopaths assess your lifestyle, dietary and digestive habits, to evaluate where changes may be made to improve your health.

Iridology involves the study of the patterns, colours and changes in the human iris to attain valuable information of ones health. Naturopaths use Iridology as an investigative tool to gain information on your body structures/organs that may need support.

  • Flower Essences
    Flower essences have been used since ancient Egypt to treat health and emotional imbalances. Dr Edward Bach used English flowering plants, where as the Australian Aboriginals have always used the native flora for healing.

    Reiki is a simple non-invasive holistic therapy which uses the energy centers of the body to restore homeostasis and self healing ability. Reiki aids in releasing stress and anxiety, promoting health and wellbeing. After your Reiki treatment you will feel deeply relaxed and stress-free.

    Touch for Health (Level 1)
    Touch for Health (TFH) is a form of Applied Kinesiology that uses the bodys own innate healing abilities to bring the body back into a balanced and healthy state.

    Touch for Health is a simple wholistic modality based on a combination of Traditional Chinese and Western medicine approaches. TFH uses muscle testing, acupressure, the meridians and nutrition to identify imbalances within the structural/physical (body organs or systems), chemical/environmental, energetic and emotional levels that are affecting the health of the person. Correcting these imbalances early through simple TFH techniques provides a preventative whole person healthcare approach that can be used by anyone to relieve pain, release emotional stress, improve concentration, co-ordination and restore harmony and balance to the body.

    I offer a friendly, relaxed, family atmosphere in Giralang, ACT.

    Clinic hours: Monday - Friday 4:30pm - 7:30pm.
    Saturday 1pm - 5pm.

    After hours appointments are available with prior arrangement.

    Appointment booking enquires may be emailed to jane_borgeaud@hotmail.com or contact me on 02 6161 2142 or 0403 314 314.

    Health Fund Rebates:

    Health Fund Rebates are available from most health funds.
    I also offer concessions for Seniors, Students and Health Card holders.