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Judy Jacka Natural Therapies

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Judy Jacka Natural Therapies
Esoteric simply means subtle energy healing. We use visualisation to send the energy to needed place in the body in triangular formation. This healing can be undertaken without touching the body. Consider undertaking our four part course in this subject which begins again this May - see below.

Judy Jacka - Esoteric Healing

Esoteric Healing is a system of subtle healing described in the books written by Alice Bailey during the first half of the 20th Century. The emphasis is on the healer aligning with their own soul or healing essence and connecting with the inner essence of the client. In this way the healer does not push or force their personal energy into the client. Rather, the client is helped by their own healing energies flowing through all of their bodily systems. The healer thus acts as a midwife in the process.

Our Energy Field & Healing
The electromagnetic field of the patient is balanced through what could be called a healing touch. The healer does not need to physically touch the body as the work is done in the energy field. Triangles of energy are visualised by the healer between the major and minor energy centres or chakras and their related organs and tissues. (see examples of digestive and reproductive triangles on the right). Lymphatic drainage and circulatory work may also be done if needed.

Effect of healing on Physical Remedies
Judy has found that the healing enhances the physical remedies taken by the patient and hence they work more quickly. This happens because our energy field provides the pattern for growth and healing of the physical body. It is therefore preferable to correct the energy field when the remedies are first prescribed so as to give healing a ‘kick start.’

The healing is accomplished in about ten minutes and Judy does not charge extra for this part of the session. She has been practising Esoteric Healing in her clinic with most of the clients for over 15 years. It is amazing how young children and babies become immediately quiet when the healing starts. The response from most adults is - “I could have dropped off to sleep.”

Judy also teaches a simple form of meditation sometimes in conjunction with the healing. The meditation involves simple relaxation procedures and visualisations. Cancer patients are invited to have extra free healing sessions on a weekly basis apart from their monthly naturopathic visit.

The seminars teach participants to contact their own healing essence through graded meditations and healing techniques. The seminars are suitable for both beginners and advanced students of healing and of particular interest to all types of therapists. They may be used to gain CPE points.

Participants are taught to understand and work with the energy fields underlying the physical body and to work with the energy centres using visualisation and sensing techniques. There is equal emphasis on theory and practice. The course features four levels of training and each of these four seminars allows the graduate to practise immediately. These techniques can be an important addition to your clinic.

  • Explore the universal patterns
  • Tap healing essence from the soul
  • Learn all about our subtle constitution
  • Healing techniques for humans and pets
  • Skills to balance the seven energy centres
  • Purifying and energising water and food
  • Clearing pollutants in our energy field

Each seminar takes place over four days from 9am to 5pm. Students bring their own lunch or visit the nearby cafes. Morning and afternoon tea is provided.

The cost is $450 (GST included) per seminar and we require a deposit of $100. Each intake is restricted to 20 students to ensure individual attention. On completion of the four parts a certificate is given. Concessions are considered for students and others on low income.


Weekends of 5th & 20th May 2017

For further information and to send your deposit please contact:
Judy Jacka
4 Joseph Court
Park Orchards 3114
Ph: 03) 9876 4770

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