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Jul 2017

Juliet Dyer - Kinesiology and Coaching

Contact Name Juliet Dyer
Phone (03) 9889-7334
Address The Revitalise Centre
7-9 Bardolph St
Glen Iris VIC 3146
Servicing Areas Servicing Glen Iris & Eastern Suburbs
Based at The Revitalise Centre in Glen Iris, Melbourne, Juliet Dyer is a Transformation Coach - helping clients build emotional resilience, clear stress, deal with anxiety and reach personal goals for weight-loss, relationships, careers.

Juliet Dyer - Transformation Coach

Juliet uses a powerful combination of NLP (neuro-linguist programming), Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and Kinesiology to tap into a clients unconscious mind to bring a person’s unconscious behaviour to their conscious mind. This can be considered a fast track to personal or professional development. This process allows clients to reflect on their current behaviour consciously and make corrections to change that behaviour, allowing them to reach their desired goals in life.




Juliet Dyer
(Kinesiologist & Health and Life Style Educator)

Kinesiology changed Juliet’s life.

It helped her heal during difficult times. It broke down her barriers, taught her lessons she didn’t know she needed to learn; and ignited a passion inside that led her to leave her corporate job behind, re-educate herself, and put her heart and soul into this life-changing therapy. 

Her journey towards kinesiology unfolded over the course of 10 years. During this period, she nursed her daughter, son and husband through multiple heart surgeries and other major illnesses.

“I was a powerhouse of strength through all this – for my family – but on the inside, my own heart was aching. Once they were well and healthy, the emotional burn out caught up with me, and I struggled to understand why, now that the danger had passed, I was feeling lower than ever. My self-love, my sense of who I was as a woman, was running dangerously low.” A sentiment now shared by many of her clients.

Juliet now specialise in helping other people break down their own barriers so they too can reach their full potential in life, career, and relationships.  

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