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Katherine Bright, Lightworkers International

Contact Name Katherine Bright ND ATMS
Member since: June 2009
Servicing Areas Port Macquarie, NSW , international phone
Phone +61 2 65826158
Mobile 0488 191 628
Fax +61 2 6582 6158
Naturopath, and Bowen Therapist, . Medical Intuitive and spiritual Healing and life counselling. Earth Healing and workshops, Reiki Master/Teacher. Founder of modality "Theta Resonance" which teaches you to connect to Creator and access healing and wisdom. Author of "Connection - Keep Your Light Burning Bright" an"d "Creator's View On Compassion: A Guide For Life" . twitter is Brightnumberone, Facebook is Katherine Bright, also on Linkdn. Blog on Manufacturer of Light Frequency Essences.

Katherine Bright, Lightworkers International

I Specialize In:
  • Theta Resonance At all Levels Founder/Teacher/Practitioner
  • Naturopathy
  • Bowen Technique
  • Life Coaching
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Spiritual and Theta Resonance Healing
  • Allergy testing
  • Reiki
  • Iridology
  • energy balancing work
  • spiritual healing and life counselling
  • Accredited Hypnotist.

  • providing spiritually based literature in book form.

    Hello, My name is Katherine Bright. My husband Kim Bright and I specialise in holistic family medicine, and love to work with children as well as parents wherever a wholistic family approach is needed. Often, adults don't realise how important it is to align and heal little backs and maintain structural integrity for small children. Children often don't complain about their aches and pains after their frequent falls and sporting activities, helping with farm chores or just having a spill off a bike. These unnoticed misalignments can lead to real problems later in life.

    Our clinic policy is to give a FREE check as requested on all newborns or new babies attending with parents receiving Bowen Therapy treatments and to give tips about colic. It is often a simple treatment which counteracts future problems. Bowen therapy is non-invasive and simply great for these gentle little ones.

    Both Kim and I operate in clinic as Bowen Therapists as well as Energetic/spiritual healers and counsellors, reiki practitioners and teachers of spiritual work and life coaching. Our strong family base; having children of our own; enables us to understand your needs and work co-operatively to help you manage your everyday lifestyle in a positive and healthy way, assisting general wellbeing and life-skills.

    See my VIP Who's Who profile by clicking on this link


    Our Practice

    About Us

    As a naturopath, I am accredited for Health Fund Rebates for consultations. For those not locally situated to my practice, I specialise in medical intuitive and naturopathic telephone consultations.
    I specialise in:
    • body scanning techniques
    • using medical intuitive techniques
    • provide practical heath advice (eg: vitamin and mineral requirements)
    • and use various other healing modalities practising on all levels of the body/spirit and mind.

    This insight enables me to truly help and guide you very practically through change as you wish in your life, improving your wellbeing. Ideal for working with depression, anxiety and stress as well as physical illness or disease.

    I am also a reiki master teaching all levels of this beautiful energy channeling technique. Individual classes can be arranged.

    "I am the originator of the modality "Theta Resonance at All Levels" and I have been teaching courses in these Medical and Intuitive Healing techniques, connecting to the Creative Force and Universal Heart. My client base is worldwide, including USA, Europe and England as well as throughout Australia and Asia.
    My love of our Creator has led me to develop Intuitive healing and Earth Healing Workshops including Toning and Light-Frequency work which have been offered since January, 2006. I now have re-developed my teaching techniques and specialise in offering Personal Mentoring Days - one on one mentoring days for selected clients who wish to fast track their spiritual learning and holistic practice instead of workshops. These are arranged personally and not advertised.

    Price: $650.00 for one on one personal training per day.


    as individually arranged.

    My Newly Released Book "Creator's View On Compassion: A Guide For Life"
    has just become available. Click on the link below to download ebook or order softcopy book. You can also obtain a copy within Australia directly from my office which is a cheap way of dealing with postage and handling costs. at>

    This book is a beautiful compilation of directly channelled letters from our Creator on topics like light, wisdom, life, family, work and even sex.

    It contains 330 inspirational thoughts and sayings and can be read like a coffee table reference if you choose. It also contains beautiful black and white nature photography.

    I know you will love this book. As my second book it is something special to give as a gift or treasure in your bookshelf for easy reading when you need some support and positive inspiration.

    I intend in love and light to provide opportunities for those who value this type of healing work to gain knowledge and insight into their own place in this Creator's universal plan. Nurture your Soul and learn who you truly are and why you are here on Earth.
    My first book "Connection - Keep Your Light Burning Bright" is an entertaining and easy read guide to spiritual connection, frequency and understanding entrainment and how we operate in our lives. There is newly channelled information about chakras and what emotions are help in specific body sites. There is a great chapter on connecting to Creator and also on conversation with animals. An updated edition of this fantastic self help book is now published by Balboa Press and is available online via worldwide distribution.

    Katherine’s book: Connection – Keep Your Light Burning Bright

    Katherine has published a hard copy of her book Connection – Keep Your Light Burning Bright. This book is a well written, and in places, directly channeled expertise manual on Connection to and interaction with the Creator. It includes conversations with Creator; understanding about frequency and abundance, spiritual advice and life coaching, healing, and will be a personal development tool for those interested in spiritual progression. There is an 8 chakra chart with newly channeled information on the chakras that is not found elsewhere. This book can be useful for beginners as well as advanced participants in the learning journey of who we are and why we are on this Planet: and where we belong on our soul’s journey through the Universe.

    Go to the balboa press site to place your order for a very econonical purchase price

    to order

    This book is pre-requisite reading for personal mentoring sessions and beginner mentoring days and can be purchased as above. This book is published by Balboa Press and available via the link above and also via and global online sites plus in good book stores.

    Here are a few testimonials from one of my students and a reader, who have purchased and are reading this book.
    “I keep two books next to my bed at all times as a guide for my life and inspiration for my writing. One is Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the other is You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay but I believe a third very special book needs to be added to that collection. That book is Katherine’s, Connection – Keep Your Light Burning Bright. I have read Katherine Bright’s insightful, entertaining and practical book and know it is one that would become a well-loved reference book to be used over and over by thousands of people on this planet.”

    Rachael Treasure, Australia’s Top Selling Fiction Author 2013

    “Katherine’s book Connection – Keep Your Light Burning Bright was a revelation to me when I first read it in connection with a foundational workshop I was doing with her at the time. Since then I have gone on to do other workshops and personal mentoring with Katherine in order to build my skills and knowledge for working with Creator in my personal and professional life. I regularly return to read this foundational book to refresh my knowledge and understanding, especially when I am learning new things. This is the same approach that I have used in my professional work as an educator for close to twenty years. I consistently return to the foundations in order to reconstruct my knowledge and provide a reinforcing base for the new. I hope that you find this book as important in your personal and professional life as I do!”
    Kathryn Meldrum PhD, Coauthor of ‘Learning to Teach Health and Physical Education’

    This book is an inspiration to anyone interested in moving on in their life. I have been taught by Katherine Bright personally and have seen the effects of her teachings in the greater good of the world and also of other people I personally know who have also been taught by her and read this book. These techniques help you to heal family issues and developing your nurturing skills.
    Kathryn Fox

    Hi Katherine,
    Just a short note in regards to your fantastic book. I can’t put it down! I look forward to seeing you soon.

    - Jane Howlett, endorsed Liberal candidate for Tasmanian electorate of Lyons
    My Music

    Hello My Newly Released CD The Joy Of Music is now available on itunes and also google play store. It is a lovely mix of vocal and guitar, popular songs that you love, plus two of my originals.


    Also available is my Katherine Bright Instrumental Meditations CD

    My Live Radio Programs

    My current weekly radio program started on News For The Soul Radio in the USA starting 6 January, 2014.

    See this link for my youtube video introduction for this great program. Come meet me here :)

    Click here to listen to this hour long live program featuring live readings, advice and interviews.

    RECOMMENDATION: Be sure to listen to the program which aired on March 17. Omar Moustafa, an Australian man who has an amazing healing story and relationship with Katherine Bright as practitioner. This is a life changing journey from incapacity to health.

    I had been hosting until end of April, 2012, my own global internet radio program on The Difference Radio called "The Difference Connections Make" On this program I interviewed interesting people from all around the world both involved in alternative therapies or leading a heart centred life where they contribute to the world in some way and their story is of interest to others. All you have to do is listen to and enter The Difference Connections Make to the search engine for a comprehensive listing of the program we recorded. All archive downloads of the programs listed are FREE.

    View my comprehensive website

    See the website posted on this site for expanded information on the personal mentoring programs I conduct, and my Light-Frequency Essences, Instrumental Meditation CD which works beautifully in conjunction with the use of the essences or on it's own, greeting cards and posters. We donate to Child Fund Australia to assist in their charity work. We also donate to Amnesty International.

    All these techniques are gentle but definately highly effective healing tools, enabling you to access all levels of the self from your psychology, soul self, Earth connection as well as the physical body.

    Theta Resonance Healing

    Theta Resonance is a modality specifically designed to connect you to your highest potential in spirituality. From the perspective of connection to the intuitive source, healing, insight and guidance is possible in a very practical and helpful way. As a client you can receive energetic healing, information and insight into your body and spiritual process.

    for details.

    Travel Working Party and Forums

    Travel to a location as Creator states in order to heal that specific space and land site. By invitation Only to anyone who has completed Stage 1 of these workshops or any of the previous Theta Resonance at All Levels Seminars. We also hold forums in Port Macquarie at various dates to workshop intention for Earth Work for the Greater Good.

    Dates and times and locations will be notified as occur.

    In addition to these are some dates for Working Groups for the Greater Good or revision days.
    Please contact Katherine directly if you are willing and open to participate in any upcoming events and you have completed at least a level 1 workshop.
    In future there will be some possibilities to travel overseas.These will be invitation only as they arise for those who are in this network of class/workshop participants.


    The following potential of experiential Working Groups for those who are dedicated to their spiritual progression, and who may also wish to contribute to the Greater Good of our Planet and Universe.

    These dedicated days are graded in advancement and include meditation, music, direct personal and planetary healing, much connection to Creation... and laughter!

    Really feel you can contribute to a positive existence for our world and for your understanding of your mastership and talents!

    Healing and Light Frequency Essences

    "This range of twelve Light- Frequency Essences have now been discontinued however I have left the testimonials onsite to highlight my energetic knowledge and understanding of alchemy and frequency medicine."

    Their names being Empowerment, Love, Security, Serenity, Joy, Peace, Solitude, Eternity, Enlightenment, Compassion and Communication and Abundance.


    I just received this testimonial from a lovely client and if you also would like to try these little healing bottles go to and you can purchase them online. love and light Katherine

    "Hi Katherine

    I have finally found some spare minutes to write this! Thank you for helping me and my family, I am grateful to have discovered you!

    I have recently been introduced to Katherine's light essences and I love them! A little blue bottle of possibilities, hope and most of all instant support for whatever you are going through. They are AMAZING!

    I have used Joy and Peace with my three boys to calm them and help them sleep better and Love for when they are upset or having difficulty getting along! It is fascinating to watch the change come over them after a spritz of the light essence and verbalizing the word to them. They usually nod in agreement and smile! They even ask me now if they can have some of that "spray stuff", so although they are young they feel the effect and know their choice of essence helps them. So cute watching them, carefully selecting the essence and then hopeful, face lifted, eyes closed for that lovely refreshing spritz of support.

    I have found Communication and Empowerment wonderful for clarifying my thoughts and giving me confidence to speak up. Security has helped me feel grounded and deal with my feelings of overwhelm and the homesickness I was experiencing after relocating our family to Australia. As a Mum I think these essences are a real gift, both for myself and my children. They have definitely helped me after my healing work with Katherine. I look forward to having all the essences in my kit! "

    -Nicola Jones, Victoria 2013

    "I run a tropical fish hatchery in Tasmania! "Love" essence is sprayed into our storage tanks. We have found a definite increase in our fertility rates since we started using this essence, which we continue to do."

    - Louise Willis

    "They're just yummy. Sometimes they have a subtle fragrance and other times they don't. They seem to adjust themselves to your needs."

    - Brody Cummings

    "As a holistic veterinarian I have been using these essences with both animals and their owners to help heal and support where required. I have found them very helpful and very supportive. They create a loving energy in an otherwise frantic and stressed work environment. I particularly value their use in situations where the owners are also aware of and using the essences."

    - Susan Peden, Veterinarian BVSc (Hons) MACVS (small animal surgery)

    I have a 9 month old baby and after 2 very difficult months of her not sleeping well at all, I decided to use the Security Essence in her bath. That night she slept through from 7pm to 6am for the first time ever! She did the following night as well and since then, while she does wake up on the odd occasion, we have noticed a significant difference in her ability to re-settle herself and all of our sleep has benefited as a result.
    Yolande Abeling, Melbourne

    Joy Essence: My favourite essence – if I could even pick one – is the Joy essence. It’s like a little bottle of sunshine. I first started using it when I had a bad case of acne and Katherine advised me to spray some of it on my face. Well, the acne didn’t last long, and neither did the accompanying feelings of sadness and self pity. Since finding Katherine and using these wonderful essences I have never felt so good or laughed so much in my entire life!
    Angeline Meloche

    Client Testimonials:

    "Dear Katherine
    The image on the front of this card is the one of the spirit guides I met in the guided mediation I did with you. He told me to play music and show people how to love. With this in mind, I would like to remind you of the difference you have made in my life. Your teachings have become cornerstone and have helped me in many different situations. I think about you a lot and i'm always grateful for how much impact you have on our planet. Keep going Katherine, your're like a little warm fire burning brightly for people to gather around. I'm a better person because of you. All the best for 2014. with love always.".

    Tabi Sari, Qld, Australia 2014

    A journey in spirit is a very personal thing and while my experience of workshops led by Katherine have been very positive one's, the opportunity to work with her individually 'blew my mind'. My experience of personal mentoring was a caring and compassionate challenge to seek the truth in this life's journey.

    It helped me come to know the journey of the soul in this lifetime and was completely tailored to my needs to allow me to progress with and into the light.

    Kathryn Meldrum Melbourne Vic. Feb 2013

    I do a lot of driving for family and work reasons, spend lots of hours at a computer and have a young child who likes to be carried around. All these things led to severe back pain, which got so bad I was having trouble walking and picking up basic things. I tried a few things, and then found Katherine and tried Bowen. In only a few sessions my back pain has gone altogether, not a single twinge and no stiffness at all! It has been months now and no sign of it returning :-) I was amazed at how gentle, simple but incredibly effective the treatment is. The Bowen treatment has helped me in other ways too... I would highly recommend Katherine to anyone.

    Heather McGregor, Port Macquarie April 2013

    Thank you with all my heart for facilitating this experience Katherine.
    I have seen Katherine Bright three times now for Bowen Therapy treatment and once for naturopathic consultation. She has really helped me. I have a lot of relief from the long-term lower back, neck and shoulder pain caused by a stressful job. I have previously had chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment that hasn't helped.

    -Sue Marsh Port Macquarie NSW May 2012

    My 11 year old son was developing quite bad scoliosis. After only a few treatments with Katherine, his back is straight and he has had no pain. She was able to inform me of reasons for his problem (for example he has been ten pin bowling since early childhood and never had any correction to his postural problem which had developed due to muscular strain and the weight of the ball). It was simple but effective treatment. I would thoroughly recommend Bowen Therapy to anyone with any kind of back problems.

    -Kylie Sherwood Port Macquarie NSW April 2012

    In April 2009 Katherine paid a visit to Holland, and we had the opportunity to benefit from her expertise and guidance during her stay. Katherine is a wonderful person with a great sense of humor, who has the ability to make you feel comfortable in any situation and so you feel free to "open up" to any experience she may guide you through. I attended several of Katherine's classes and every single one of them has been a treat. Whether I look back on the very intense Reiki 2 class or the eye-opening connecting to the creator or the astonishing communicating with crystals, which was such a wonderful experience, that I completely fell in love with them and find myself trying to communicate with every crystal I can lay my hands on. Katherine teaches her classes and shares her knowledge and believes with great expertise and a sound sense of humor, there wasn't a dull moment. She makes you aware of yourself and your abilities and encourages you to explore them. She brought peace and relief to my heart and soul, a big smile on my face and she surely widened my horizon.

    - Ellen van der Putten, Helmond, The Netherlands, November 2009

    Katherine has helped me put my life back together again. Her courses reinforce everything I need to understand and believe in who I really am. They are a continuing life learning experience.

    Patricia Berry, Lindisfarne Tasmania 2011

    "Eight years ago I was diagnosed with having Emphysema. My breathing had been restricted, until I recently attended a healing workshop facilitated by Katherine. With the release of trauma, fear and negative beliefs from my body, I am delighted to discover that I am breathing with ease once again. This has been a life-changing experience for me. I look to the future with excitement and joy. Many thanks to Katherine for sharing her knowledge with wisdom, truth and vision. She created a space in which I felt both safe and comfortable. Her level of energy was contagious and I enjoyed myself immensely. Katherine's ability to teach is outstanding, her wealth of knowledge is vast and hightly valued and I learnt in a fun environment with an outstanding group of people. As a result I believe I have been greatly enriched by the experience. God Bless."

    - Lesley Martin, Melbourne

    I have been completing spiritual work for many years, with interruptions for marriage, children etc, and during the last couple of years have been looking for something special. I believe I have found it in Katherine’s workshops! The changes I have experienced whilst attending Katherine’s workshops have been profound, resulting in an increase in skills and understandings in days; that would have normally taken many years! The workshops were fun, exciting, easy, non-threatening and transformational! I can highly recommend Katherine’s Workshops to anyone who is looking to attain profound life-changing skills and understandings. Thank you Katherine!
    Suze McGregor, Queensland, July, 2010

    Rarely do you have the opportunity or privilege to know and work with a living Master. Katherine is the living embodiment of unconditional love and compassion, which is also respectfully balanced with wisdom. It was with great pleasure that my partner and I were privileged to be amond her first students in "Manageing your connection to God - Connection to the Universal Heart". Katherine is a remarkably skilled trainer but more importantly, she is a wonderfully humble and generous woman. There is never a sense of personal ego to get in the way of her teaching, but there is an instant recognition of her high standards of personal integrity, respectfulness and honouring of self, others and The Creator. We can barely wait for the next steps on our journey to the Creator.

    - Elizabeth Spencer, St Helens, Tasmania

    Conservative Country Folk By Internationally Famous Novellist, Rachael Treasure.

    "Stereotypes of farmers show us to be a very narrow minded lot. Not
    the rural folk in this district though. Yes we have 'old fashioned'
    values - but there's a new movement here, thanks to one woman ...
    Katherine Bright. Katherine is a normal suburban mum who was living in Sorell, but she has the gift of healing. And that's no bull. She's helped
    everyone from shearers with chronically bad backs to busy farm mums
    who can't quite get back in the saddle after having children, and wee babies with drastic illnesses. Not only that, she's taught many of us about spirituality and healing, and she's opened up a whole new world for the Bundy Girls like me in this district. Before I met Katherine,
    spirituality was merely about man-made churches and boring services
    that I had to sit through for school. Now there's a load of us up
    this way with a new spin on God, medical problems and healing. Thanks to Katherine the girls round here have used Reiki on sheep, horses and
    the odd chook! She's been so inspirational to our district, I have based a character on her named Eve in my new novel, The Cattlemans Daughter. The concepts she teaches make a whole lot of sense to us who work with animals and the land...

    In her words,

    "Because we are less able to differentiate between that of a natural
    and man-made frequency due our desensitisation in modern society and
    cities we may not understand many of God’s natural and automatic laws and prescriptions.

    We do not really understand the changes of the seasons any more nor
    the electrical fields of the trees unless we spend time with nature;
    unless we live away from these electro magnetic fields and radiation
    devices. Most of us have lost the ability to converse, understand and =sense the actions of natural beings like the animals and birds."

    Take a look at her website ...

    - Rachael Treasure, Tasmania

    Three unique things about my friend Katherine; She has a wonderful sense of humour and sees the lighter side of life and herself.

    Katherine is one of the most grounded people I know, she practices what she teaches and is a wonderful inspiration for love, light and spirit. Her ability to connect with Creator/Source is second to none – her reputation as a healer is growing steadily as people experience her unique gift. She uses her talent for the greater good in small workshops around Australia and Globally, not just for individuals it is enormously rewarding to be part of that process.

    It is an honour knowing her.

    Kia kaha, Aroha Nui Feb, 2011

    - Catherine Pinfold, Sydney (originally New Zealand)

    Katherine has been the person who has guided me onto my spiritual path. I was looking for answers in my life on many levels, for health, life’s meaning and faith. Fate has a way of doing these things and I was directed to Katherine who is unlike anyone I have ever known. Knowing her has given me a greater understanding of myself and God/Creator and of the possibilities that are manifest in each and everyone of us. She is life changing. It is amazing to see how far I have journeyed in such a relatively short time. What is unique about Katherine? She is wise from her life’s journey that has a resonance with all who come in contact with her. She is compassionate and wonderfully empathetic which makes it easy to trust and confide in her. She is courageous to be different and follows through on her convictions and this in turn gives confidence and strength to me and others like me.

    - Michele Higgins, Hobart Tasmania February, 2011

    Dear Katherine, I am writing to thank you for helping me with my year long battle with my son's eczema. We have not had clear skin almost ever and I have been literally hitting a wall with doctors telling me its an incurrable desease which he needs to grow out of. You have been AMAZING in identifying specific foods he is reacting to and most surprisingly the dogs!
    Since first consulting with you we had two weeks of absolutely clear skin with no flare ups!
    Without your help and insight my son would still be suffering with extreme reactions and I wouldn't know how to help him. I am so greatfull for your special gift and also your friendly and approachable manner. I hope others avail themselves of this incredibly powerful and insightful healing technique.
    Alina Kleiman Melbourne Sept 11

    I would like to give you some feedback following my appt with you. I have heaps more energy and I have been out walking early each day. I haven't felt this good or been out walking for over two years. Best of all I no longer need to take the troches (natural hormone replacement). I am thrilled with the results following my appt with you. Thank you Katherine and thank you to the Creator.
    Anne Robartson, Hobart Tasmania

    I have been completing spiritual work for many years, with interruptions for marriage, children etc, and during the last couple of years have been looking for something special. I believe I have found it in Katherine’s workshops! The changes I have experienced whilst attending Katherine’s workshops have been profound, resulting in an increase in skills and understandings in days; that would have normally taken many years! The workshops were fun, exciting, easy, non-threatening and transformational! I can highly recommend Katherine’s Workshops to anyone who is looking to attain profound life-changing skills and understandings. Thank you Katherine!

    - Suze McGregor, Queensland, July, 2010

    After completing the level 1 course "Connection to the Universe" I found myself wanting to understand more about the inner healing qualities we all possess and was fortunate to have the opportunity to undertake the "Chromosomal Disorders" course. This course enabled me, and everyone else, to connect with the Creator and do some amazing healings. These two courses have helped make everything in my life so much clearer.

    Katherine is a wonderful teacher and a great inspiration to us all. I would not have been able to channel the energy of the Creator or understand the wealth of energy inside me without her caring nature and gifted guidance. Thanks Katherine, you have made a wonderful and lasting impact on my life.

    - Kathryn Fox, Tasmania

    Thank you for your exquisite workshop "Accessing Interdimensional Portals and Paths".

    - Hans-Christian Kleist, Eumundi, Qld

    Also for beautiful spiritual photography and healing consultations I recommend my partner Kim Bright's website for information. Photographic book available.

    Check out:
    Business Name: Bright Lights Photographic


    Diploma of Naturopathy (QINS)
    Accredited Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society
    Diploma Remedial Massage, Reflexology and Polarity (QINS)
    Advanced Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner/Teacher
    Reiki Master/Teacher
    Diploma of Advanced Bowen Therapy (BTAA. Aust)
    I am registered as a fully qualified practitioner with all Australian Health
    Funds for rebates as a naturopath, remedial therapist and Bowen Therapist.
  • Qualification Details

    -Diplomas in Naturopathy, Bowen Therapy, Iridology, Dietetics and Nutrition, Reflexology and Remedial Massage. Accredited Hypnotist with American Alliance of Hypnotists.

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    Introduction - Katherine Bright, Lightworkers International