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Aug 2016

Kinesiology Source

Contact Name Kinesiology Source
Phone 0424 672 677
Mobile 0424 672 677
Address Bentleigh VIC 3165
Servicing Areas Bayside & Glen Eira Area

** BAYSIDE & GLEN EIRA AREA** Kinesiology Source helps with Psychological Issues (Mind), Physical Ailments (Body) and Spiritual Growth (Spirit). Using Muscle Testing, we can get to the Cause to Clear the Effect of what is blocking you from a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE!... Check out our Promo Special, just what the Universe ordered!

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Kinesiology Source

Aspects Kinesiology Source can help & heal with
No matter your age, sex or background history, at Kinesiology Source we treat everyone to their individual specific needs…and that’s the beauty of Kinesiology, there are no limits to healing!
MIND>• Depression & Anxiety • Addictions • Major Life Stressors
• Grief • Changing Negative Thoughts • Achieving Difficult Goals
• Dealing with Difficult Relationships
BODY> • Weight Loss • Keeping Weight Off • Allergies • Digestion & Bloating problems • Back Pain • Joint Pain • Body Pain • Muscle Injuries & Strain • Headaches • Fatigue • Improve Fitness • Toxicity
SPIRIT> • Meditation • Energy Healing • Self & Spiritual Awareness • Past Lives • Releasing Rituals • Divine Connection • Clearing Auric Field • Energy Protections ..and much more...

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What Techniques does Kinesiology Source Use?
Coaching & Counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Stress Release, Acupressure Points, Nutrition & Dietary Information, Age Recession, Aromatherapy, Homeopathic, Meridians, Chakra balancing, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Flower Essence, Meditation & Affirmations all depends on your own individual needs...

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What Is Kinesiology?
Kinesiology is the communicator between the Limbic Brain, Energy Systems and Conscious mind. Through Muscle Testing, we can find out (from your Mind, Body and Spirit) what is blocking you from moving forward...
Let's call it decoding your own personal morse code...

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About Me & Kinesiology...
I believe, knowledge is power, and the more re-sources we have, the more we can evolve... Hey! can’t stay version 10.6 forever! Kinesiology doesn't just live in my clinic, it’s my life. Hand on my heart, I’m truely so passionate about Kinesiology and the transformational changes it gives are priceless ...I am living proof of its healing abilities!

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What can I expect from a Kinesiology Balance?
As every balance is unique, every experience will be unique, the remaining constant is a shift in energy and thus changes in your Mind, Body and Spirit ....everyone is different!

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How much does it Cost?
Click the link below to find out Kinesiology Source's full Price List. We service all of Bayside and Glen Eira Areas Please Click Here to Find out about Discounts and Payment Plans

What People are Saying about Kinesiology Source
"Anneliese is an amazing Kinesiologist and very talented practitioner with versatile tools, skillfully and appropriately applied during the balance. The most recent sessions (including surrogating) resulted in incredible changes in my family life and for that I'm forever grateful. Her gentle and caring style is very appealing and encourages trust and receptiveness. I highly recommend her services to you and also to your loved ones" - Violet (Donvale)

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• Certificate IV in Kinesiology,

• Diploma in Kinesiology

• International Diploma of Professional Kinesiology

• Certificate in NLP

• Certificate in Reiki I & II

• Certificate in Astrology

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