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Mandurah Health Regeneration Clinic
Member since
Aug 2014

Mandurah Health Regeneration Clinic

Contact Name Susan Price
Mobile 0407 084 678
Address Mandurah Terrace
80 Mandurah Tce
Mandurah WA 6210
Servicing Areas Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton and surrounding areas
Amazing natural therapy with

proven life changing results

Urine and Saliva Analysis, using scientific instruments to analyze electrochemical dysfunctions in human biochemistry and how to reverse them

Mandurah Health Regeneration Clinic


Sue’s Story

My desire to learn and answer my health-oriented questions put me on the path of Natural Therapies. When my fourth child was diagnosed with Autism, I was driven by the desire to find real answers and I committed myself to completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine.

From there I have furthered my education to follow in my mother’s footsteps and study RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) and advanced hydroxy colon irrigation

I am a:
Trained Advanced Hydroxy Colonic Therapist
RBTI Trained Analyst
GAPS certified practitioner through Dr Natasha Campbell McBride

All treatments and therapies are scientific and evidenced based and are TGA approved.

Sue believes Natural health care should be affordable for the average income earner and discounts are given for holders of seniors pension.

Do you suffer from:
  • Distended Abdomen
  • IBD
  • IBS
  • Constipation
  • Dragging
  • Adhesions
  • Foul Stools
  • Fatigue
  • Detoxification
  • Immune Disorders
Children can also be treated.

RBTI Analysis

Urine and saliva analysis that leads you to the real issues not shown in blood tests.

Achieve maximum health based on personal biochemical analysis.

Reams biologic theory of ionization is a unique series of tests carried out on specimens of urine and saliva. The laboratory tests are made with scientific equipment. The information gained from these tests enable practitioners to monitor very complex body functions. A full computer report is created for you that explains each section of the test and what can be done to help re-balance your body.

If you had had a bad diagnosis ...
If blood tests are inconclusive ...

Why guess when you can be sure!

First developed by Carey Reams a brilliant mathematician and agricultural scientist in 1931. Saving the life of a young 31/2 year old boy whose parents were told wouldn’t live past 5 years because of the number and severity of seizures that he was experiencing

Through prayer and meditation and his knowledge of agricultural science, reams was able to come up with a formula based on the bodies excretions that has stood the test of time.

Used for nearly 80 years the formula and the theory have never been disproven in tests with hundreds of thousands of clients. It always gives an indication of the true state of the body. And in the hands of a skilled therapist is often the light that shines where all other forms of analysis have failed.

Your body is a wonderful self healing mechanism when given the right nutrients.

RBTI leads you to the REAL issues
Mail Order Kits Available

For more information about how my range of therapies can help you and your family on the path to better health, call, visit my website or click on one of the buttons below to instantly message me.

Qualification Details

Bachelor Health Science (BchHSc)
Certified GAPS Practitioner
Trained Hydroxy Colon Therapist

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