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Punchbowl Natural Therapies

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Margaret Gippel
Servicing Areas PUNCHBOWL, New South Wales
Phone 02 9153 7951

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Punchbowl Natural Therapies

NUTRITION- Vitamins, Minerals, Healthy Diets
BACH FLOWER REMEDIES- for balancing emotions
HOMOEOPATHY- gentle diluted medicine
LUMINOUS WAY VITAL HEALING- for all conditions, specialising in MIGRAINE

Initial Consultation (1 hour) . . . . . . . . . $40.00- $45.00
Subsequent Consultations (1 hour) . . . . . . . . . $35.00 - $40.00

By a qualified Practitioner using the Luminous Way Vital Specialist Healing Method
  • Other health problems treated as well
  • No need to go off current medication
  • Health Fund Rebates

  • This Healing will reduce the following symptoms:
    • Confused thoughts
    • Pain
    • Sensitivty to loud noises
    • Spots, patterns before eyes
    • Speech problems
    • Sensitivity to light

    • A unique and wonderful experience for migraine sufferers
    • Relaxed and comfortable treatment
    • Other health benefits gained besides Migraine relief
    • Calms the mind, eases pain and releases tension
    • Drug free treatment
    • Healing may be used while you continue your Doctor's prescription
    • Rebates available from selected health funds

    " I have been a practising Naturopath since 1984. Since 1996 I have been following the required training through the Luminous Way Spiritual Training Organisation to become a Specialist Migraine Healer, LWVSpH3.
    This Treatment is very safe and beneficial, causing no side effects.

    Bach Flower Remedies

    AN EXCITING OPPORTUNITY to Discover the Amazing Benefits of a
    Completely Safe and Effective Healing System.

    The secrets of 38 naturally growing wildflowers and remedies will be revealed to you when you decide to join the growing number of Dr Bach practitioners. Dr Bach was a special man, an eminent physician and researcher of his time, who discovered and perfected a system of herbal medicine which is unique in medical history. All this happened during the years 1930 — 1936.

    Would you like to have the ability to help yourself and others when the going gets tough? When life seems rather difficult and emotions run riot? Dr Bach wanted his system to be simple and easily understood, so anybody could use it to help themselves and others close to them. He left very specific instructions as to which wildflower to use for which emotion, and how to prepare the remedies. During his many years in practice, Dr Bach developed a unique insight into human emotions and the effects they have at every level.

    Because Dr Bach wrote everything down in a very clear and concise manner, you can now reap the benefits of his painstaking labour. He certainly loved people and cared about their welfare. Do you feel the same? Isn’t it time you added this wonderful healing system to your ‘arsenal’? It will make your home life more harmonious and you also will be able to help your clients, partner, children, pets and even plants. The effects will soon become obvious.

    The following will be covered in the Dr Edward Bach Healing System Correspondence Course -
    • The history of Dr Bach’s life and Dr Bach’s philosophy
    • The discovery of the remedies
    • How to use the 38 remedies to best advantage. The exact characteristics of each remedy and how they can help you and your family and clients
    • How to prepare the remedies (it is really simple) — the Bach Flower Centre has done all the hard work for you!
    • Where to buy the remedies wholesale
    • The history of the Bach Flower Remedies in Australia
    • Assignments which will be sent to me for comment and correction, so you really get to know each remedy very well and become a proficient practitioner
    • You will receive 6 Mailings and can work through each one at your own pace
    • A Certificate of Achievement is awarded at the end of the course

    Price: $60.00 per Mailing (6 Mailings in total) as you proceed
    or $324.00 full payment (a saving of 10%) paid at the beginning.

    Book in now and start enjoying the wonderful benefits of the Dr Bach Flower Remedies. You will be so glad you did! -
    CONTACT Margaret Gippel, Dr Bach Practitioner and Naturopath with 25 years experience for further information. Phone 9153 7951

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