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Shaun Resnik

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Providing Professional Natural Fertility Management Services, To Both Men And Women Who Are Having Trouble Conceiving. Just Give Shaun A Call Today To Organise Your Appointment.

Shaun Resnik - Natural Fertility Management Services

Fertility Treatment

Shaun offers a very unique natural treatment for infertility. This program originates from the philosophy of Dr. Leon Vannier. The highly esteemed Liz Lalor (Homoeopath) further developed it into her successful program, which has a success rate of over 80%.

Shaun has trained directly with Liz Lalor herself and she regularly refers clients to him when she is lecturing around the world, training other health professionals about her highly effective fertility program.

What To Expect

This fertility program helps prepare the body for a successful pregnancy, even when conception in the past has been unsuccessful or difficult.

Shaun will work for up to 6 cycles with you.

His statistics prove that if he is successful in helping you achieve pregnancy, it will occur in that time frame. He works with couples before starting or returning to IVF. [I do not include those couples in my statistics.]

There is a proviso that you allow a mandatory 2 months treatment with me before starting or returning to IVF. Shaun understands this might not suit your time frame, but this is the advised period of time to improve implantation issues.

This program also works with all prescription medications. Shaun also works with P.C.O.D. and women already taking medications to stimulate ovulation. He also works with single women, and same sex couples.

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At 43 years old I came to see Shaun after doing an IVF course that failed and I didnt feel as though I wanted to go through that invasive procedure again, besides IVF is so expensive and Shauns treatment was far cheaper. My husband and I found Shauns approach to be refreshingly positive and we didnt feel like just another number, as we had during the IVF process. I loved Shauns straightforward and supportive method and treatment. Thanks to Shaun, after having tried naturally for over 10 years and having gone through IVF, we fell pregnant within months of being under Shauns care. We now have a 6-month-old baby and although we are missing our sleep, we couldnt be happier. Thank you Shaun!!

Victoria Huff, 43yrs old, Melbourne

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for quite a while with no luck. After a miscarriage and month after month of disappointment, I was recommended to go and see Shaun by a girlfriend. She had fallen pregnant after only a short time on his program and this gave me much hope as her gynaecologist told her that she might never be able to conceive.

I went to see Shaun and he immediately put me at ease and made me feel comfortable about venturing on this path. His manner was always professional and considerate and he treated me with the utmost care and respect. Shaun was very thorough in finding out my personal history and then explaining my personalized program. Regular visits enabled me to share my progress and gave Shaun the opportunity to modify any remedies if needed. I really appreciated the fact that he told us straight from day one that he would only be working with us for 6 cycles and no longer. It felt good to know there was a short time frame which he worked within.

Shaun has an outstanding knowledge of womens fertility and at all times I have felt confident in his abilities. I am very grateful for all the support Shaun has given me along the way to becoming pregnant. He helped me to physically prepare for pregnancy with the homoeopathic medicine and supplements, but also provided much needed emotional support. Now, I am enjoying my pregnancy and cant wait to become a mum in December!

Thank you so much Shaun. Your work with women and couples is truly amazing!

Kristy Taylor, 30 years old, Melbourne

I am 38 and had been struggling with infertility for many years. After 3 years of IVF treatments my husband and I were really at our wits end of what to do and how much more we could handle. My stress levels were through the roof and we had decided to take a break from the IVF.

During this time I came across a natural fertility program and decided to make the call to find out more, what harm could it do and I really was up for trying anything.

My first phone call with Shaun to discuss the possibility of becoming a new patient already left me happy and hopeful, he was just so easy to talk to on the phone that I really felt like I had known him for ages.

It was no different for our first meeting as everything was so easy to discuss, we laughed and I cried a lot. The ease with both my husband and I talked about everything was incredible and we just felt that Shaun really listened to us at each visit.

I started on Shauns treatment for 6 months and my stress levels definitely went down, we even went on a holiday and it was great not to think about IVF treatments for a while. In fact it was during the first consult that Shaun got me to go for another progesterone test and as it turned out my progesterone levels had been far too low to maintain a successful pregnancy anyway. After 12 failed attempts at IVF and a lot of emotional stress and money, I cant believe it had not been picked up by my IVF specialist before. We were thankful that Shaun helped high light this and helped build up my progesterone.
After much discussion we decided to try one more IVF round, this time being in better health and my hormones more balanced with Shauns help. I am happy to say I am finally pregnant!!

I totally believe that with the combination of Shauns treatment contributed to our success. I went into our last cycle a lot more relaxed and confident in myself and now I cannot wait to be a Mum.

I highly recommend Shaun and his treatment, he is genuine, the treatment is easy to do and involves zero injections and hes down to earth and really listens to your needs!

Kate Dennison, Melbourne

My husband and I starting seeing Shaun when we were having trouble conceiving. We were young at the time, and were very worried why we hadn't fallen pregnant as we had been trying for a long time and all our friends were having babies.. From our first appointment Shaun was so easy to talk to and instantly took our worries away. He helped us focus on making some lifestyle changes to allow for other things to happen. We learnt so much and felt assured that things would happen naturally. Shaun put me on a program of natural remedies and a particular diet over a period of six months. By the sixth month we were pregnant! We now have a healthy little girl and are expecting a second baby. We are forever grateful to Shaun for his kindness and for putting us on the right path, especially a natural one.

Sarah and Tommy Elliott, Melbourne

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

Qualification details

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Homeopathy)
  • Diploma of Health Science (Nutrition)
  • Diploma of Health Science (Herbal Medicine)
  • Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Hypnosis Qualification
  • Member of ANTA

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