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Sound Scent Soul

Karmina Gordon

12 Hales St
Penguin TAS 7316

Servicing area: Penguin, Tasmania

Sound Scent Soul
Utilising Sound Healing and Gentle Natural Remedies, I will help you to bring Balance once more into your Body, Mind and Spirit, helping you discover your way back to Vibrant Health.

About Sound Scent Soul

Sound Healing, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy. Remedies & Products

Flower Essence Consultation

 We will discuss the nature of the issues you are dealing with on the physical, emotional, and soul levels. I will formulate you a personal healing remedy of flower essences and aromatherapy to help you on your healing journey. This consultation includes your remedy.

Aroma Sound Massage

This blissfully aromatic experience combines the gentle relaxation of sound healing instruments and the deeply relaxing aromatherapy massage technique. I create a unique blend of essential oils and sound combinations to enhance your own personal healing journey.

Elemental Sound Balance

I use kinesiology to assess the chakras and meridians. Then use a Gentle Sound Immersion using different sound instruments and vocal toning to bring balance and a deep relaxation.



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