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Helping you with your brain and worries about Alzheimer's disease

Alfiah Blond, Naturopath
ANTA Member

Sparky Brain

About Us

Alfiah Blond is passionate about helping people improve their brain function and health

Alfiah Blond practises according to fundamental naturopathic principles

Fundamental naturopathic principles.

First do no harm.

Provide the body with what it needs so it can heal itself.

Look beyond the symptoms to establish and treat the underlying cause.

Teach the client so they are motivated by understanding.

Treat the person as an integrated whole rather than treating just one part.

Prevent disease.

Our treatments

Alfiah Blond provides tailored treatment

Do you want to get back to feeling clear, confident and focused?

There can be many reasons why your brain isn’t working as well as it did:

blood sugar, stress, hormones, inflammation, toxins (infections, mercury, mould), circulation, brain injury.

Your First Consultation

  • asks you about your concerns

  • reviews the extensive questionnaire

  • tests your brain

  • takes measurements

Subsequent Consultations

  • arrange, then report back on, the indicated lab tests

  • coach you in the recommended lifestyle changes

  • schedule the best supplements

  • retest your brain

Get back your Sparky Brain!

In many cases improvements occur within weeks however it can take six months to a year to get results.

In some cases there is not the desired success in spite of all our best efforts.

Qualification details

BHSc Naturopathy
BHSc Nutritional Medicine
BSc Zoology
Registered Bredesen ReCODE Practitioner
ANTA Member

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