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About Us
Member since
Apr 2004

Surfside Health

Contact Name Alison Princic
Phone 02 4274 2275
Mobile 0438 222 032
Address Port Kembla
14 Surfside Drv
Wollongong NSW 2500
Servicing Areas Wollongong, New South Wales
Fax 02 42741795
WELCOME To Surfside Health...

About Us

We Specialise in:
  • Structural Health -Atlasprofilax ®, sports injuries
  • Therapeutic Herbal medicine – Functional Medicine Prescriptions
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy (FSMT)
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Drug Free Pain Management
  • Non-Surgical Face Lift – Biolift®
  • Intraceuticals Oxygen Skin Therapy – Naturopathic Dermalogical Health
  • Childrens Health
  • Pre and Post Conception Care
  • Fertility
  • Alkaline Therapy
  • Vitality, Longevity Assessment (VLA)
  • Distributors of Enagic Kangen Water®
  • Wellness for Life Programs
  • Private Yoga / Training / Exercise

Our bodies are composed of 70% water…so what better way to nourish our bodies than with high-quality water? This machine has the ability to transform your tap water into high-antioxidant water that will detox you and replenish your health.

When we are acidic, chronically dehydrated and full of oxidative stress, our bodies think we are dying and we leach the valuable alkalising minerals out of our tissues in an attempt to survive. We thereby render our bodies devoid of the essential nutrients we need for tissue and cellular health.

Why Try Kangen Water?

Bottled water is almost all highly acidic, full of chemical xeno-estrogens (cancer causing chemicals) leached from the plastic bottles and macro-clustered water molecules – where the clusters are too large to penetrate the cells of the body. This leaves the body’s cells dehydrated and unable to be cleansed from toxic metabolic waste products, thereby shortening the lifespan of the cells and leaving them to reproduce sick cells, which leads to a vastly accelerated sickness and aging process.

The great news is that you can change your water and change your health very quickly indeed once you start drinking the Enagic Kangen Water! ® This water is the highest anti-oxidant known to mankind, thereby eliminating free radical damage and the associated diseases that result from oxidative stress and inflammation – which when studied is in fact every disease!

It kills bacteria, detoxes and cleanses your digestion, and gives you a healthy glow…it’s also a natural anti-wrinkle treatment! The Kangen Water® is the best investment you will ever make.

Purification of the body from the inside / out

Biolift / Intraceuticals Oxygen Therapy / Traditional facials/strong>

For beautiful skin – anti-aging treatments where you actually look lifted and younger when you leave the clinic!! Enjoy Frequency Specific Micro-current Therapy while you enjoy your facial - to:
  • Increase your energy and vitality
  • Stimulate weight loss while you beautify your skin
  • Reduce your stress and depression - lift your mood with "feel good" endorphins
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Qualification Details

  • B.Sc
  • D.Ch
  • D.N
  • D. Hom
  • D. Nut.
  • Atlas Prof
Certified - FSMT, Colon Hydrotherapy, Functional Medicine, Beauty Therapy.

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