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Concentrate on your body to restore your well-being through the use of conventional Naturopathy.

Naturopathy Approach: Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations, Vitamins & Minerals

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Payneham SA

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Lifestyle Well-being Diarrhoea Holistic wellness Wellness Intolerance

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a specific medical profession, promoted by using clinical techniques and drugs that facilitate the self-healing process of individuals to avoid, cure and improve well-being. It is a natural treatment that addresses the whole individual and understands the fundamental causes of pain and not only the signs.

Naturopaths seek to advise, inspire and encourage individuals, through healthy behavior, lifestyle, and nutrition, to take on greater personal accountability for their health. We do not simply treat the incidence and the consequences of a disease but strive for and treat the cause instead of the result. Disease avoidance is accomplished by naturopathic preparation.

Naturopaths use a variety of approaches, from herbal medicines, guidelines for diet and activities, vitamins and minerals, flower essences, homeopathy, clothing,  iridology, and massage, hair, tongue, and nail analysis to help the healing process.

The initial appointment with our Naturopath requires 1 hour in which 30 minutes for the doctor to gather personal and general knowledge about your medical history and lifestyle to be reviewed and decide the naturopathic care scheme for your individual needs. In order to establish a plan, medical techniques such as physical tests, blood sampling, and urinalysis might be required.

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