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Taylor Made Health

Elizabeth Taylor

2190 Gold Coast Hwy
Miami QLD 4220

Servicing area: Miami, Surfers Paradise & Gold Coast QLD

Taylor Made Health

Incorporating naturopathy into your life not only increases your strength levels, but treats your underlying conditions. 

Naturopathic Consultation, Weight Management & Sports Science

How Naturopathy Works 

Taylor Made Health is a reputable naturopathic clinic in Miami QLD that employs different modalities to activate the body’s healing ability.

Elizabeth uses a holistic approach to balance the body, mind and spirit. Achieving this balanced state allows your energy to flow freely and body to heal from within. 

The Naturopathic Consultation

Your initial consultation is crucial to the efficacy of your treatment as your health requirements and goals are discussed in this stage. Your blood will be analysed, which gives you a clear picture of the state of your health, and you will learn the steps to avoid lifestyle diseases.

Weight Management

Losing weight is something you don’t dream of but work on to achieve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s important that you understand how your gut flora and genetics affect your weight, the amount of calories your body can absorb, and how your emotions affect your cravings. 

Medical Health Management

Superficial cure only leads to the recurrence of an illness. Having sufficient knowledge of what nutrients support your body cuts the problem at the root. What we eat can heal or kill us, hence it’s vital to use food to modify our gut bacteria and improve our health.

Male and Female Health Management

Menstrual pain is not normal, nor is PMS. On the other hand, menopause is a natural process which any woman goes through.  Taking herbs and eating nutritious foods promote women’s health and keep them free from pain no matter what stage of life they’re in. 

Men are just as important as women, and their wellbeing matters a great deal to us. We provide an array of programs that address any health issues that they may have.

Babies and Children

As a mum herself, Elizabeth is extremely passionate about keeping every child healthy. She provides treatments aimed at addressing various conditions that children and babies suffer from, ranging from the common cold to more serious ailments. She also explains the relevance of a child’s genetics to their diet, helping parents make informed decisions with regard to their child’s nutrition.

Sports Science

Running and practicing yoga for more than 20 years are two things that make Elizabeth a highly qualified wellness coach. She is committed to helping others enhance their performance in any sports activity. Whether you’re an athlete or planning to shift to an active lifestyle, Elizabeth can help you develop a plan, incorporating the much needed nutrients and herbal medicine your body needs to boost its performance and speed up its recovery.

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