What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic energy healing modality that was founded in 1920 by Mikao Usui after he saw the Reiki symbols on Mount Kurama and was able to heal his injured toe using them. Reiki is derived from two Japanese words: "Rei" meaning wisdom, and "ki" meaning universal energy. Together, they mean guided universal life. Reiki involves channeling the universal energy through the practitioner's hands and into the client's energy field to remove energy blockages that are causing them pain and discomfort.

Reiki in Adelaide

What are the Benefits of Reiki?

Following a Reiki session, different things can happen, all of which are positive. This modality has no side effects, in fact it relieves the side effects of conventional medicine and promotes recovery. Whether used as a stand-alone therapy or alongside other natural treatments or traditional medicine, Reiki promises an array of benefits that include:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety levels
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Eliminates pain
  • Reduces the side effects of cancer treatment
  • Treats insomnia
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Improves energy levels
  • Boosts immunity
  • Expedites the body's healing process

How Much Does a Reiki Session in Adelaide Cost?

Reiki treatments can cost between $60 and $90 in Adelaide. There are many factors that can affect the cost of this service, such as the length of treatment, the qualifications of the practitioner and any add-ons. A distance Reiki session may also be a cheaper alternative than a face-to-face session for clearing blockages.

How Many Reiki Practitioners Does Adelaide Have?

Research on the extent of Reiki's use in Adelaide, and the whole of Australia for that matter, is relatively scarce, but information gathered from public sources suggests that there are many practitioners of the modality working in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, community health centres and hospices, as well as running their own private practice.

How Many People in Adelaide are Using Reiki to Maintain Good Health?

The number of visits to Reiki practitioners and other energy healers in Adelaide and other parts of South Australia was significantly higher than in other states, according to a national survey (Xue et. al., 2007). The majority of people who visit a Reiki practitioner regularly are men between the ages of 35 and 64.