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Reflexology for Hormonal Imbalances

Last Updated Aug 21, 2020

Reflexology is a gentle and non-invasive natural treatment designed to help in maintaining the optimal state of general wellbeing in healthy individuals and aid in alleviating the symptoms of various disorders. According to practitioners and individuals who receive reflexology treatments, it seem to be effective for the treatment of hormonal imbalances.

Causes of Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones are special chemical messengers created via glands of the endocrine system that stimulate tissues or cells into action. The hormones released control and regulate bodily functions such as sleep patterns, blood sugar levels, and metabolism. When hormones are out of balance, the body is not able to function normally.

In both men and women, it is important for hormone levels to be finely balanced to maintain optimal health. Problems can develop, sometimes, depending on the impact of hormonal imbalance. Nutritional deficiencies and stress are the most frequent causes of hormonal imbalance. Stress is probably most common factor of these two.

When a person experiences stress, the body releases high levels of a hormone called cortisol. This is part of the body’s natural way of responding to danger. This is known as “fight or flight” response. Cortisol hormone raises heart beat, dilutes the bronchial tubes, and releases fat to be used as fuel in response to a crisis. In modern society, stress has become chronic and elevated cortisol levels are common. Negative effects of elevated cortisol levels include:

  • High blood pressure
  • A weakened immune system
  • Infertility, PMS and other sexual disorders in women
  • Prostate and erectile problems in men

How Reflexology Works to Correct Hormonal Imbalances

Reflexology can be used in a number of ways to correct hormonal imbalances. It works directly on reducing stress levels and therefore correcting the cortisol levels in the body. In addition reflexology is said to benefit a person in a number of ways, including:

  • Removing toxins from the body
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Stimulating reproductive glands

All of these benefits are directly or indirectly connected to the correction of hormonal balance.

Although only few clinical trials have been conducted to confirm the effectiveness of reflexology in the treatment of hormonal imbalances, the results have been encouraging. For example, a study conducted at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1991 has revealed that 62 percent of women receiving weekly reflexology treatments have experience relief from symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

How Reflexology Works

How reflexology works

Reflexology is based on the energy meridian system, a concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) regarding a path where life-energy known as “qi” flows through. Several important meridians can be located in the feet and are believed to be directly connected to the organs and glands of the body. Despite the energy meridians have not been scientifically verified, TCM has been practiced for thousand of years and is an accepted healing system in countries like China, Japan, and Korea.

There is a difference on how Western doctors explain the benefits of reflexology. As there are tens of thousand of nerve endings located in the feet, massaging them can have a relaxing effect on the body. It then stimulates the "relaxation response." When this is occuring, hormones are being released to flush out the excess cortisol and restoring the body to its natural, healthy state of balance. The process of the body’s way of restoring itself to its natural healthy state is called homeostasis.

Either way, reflexology seems to work. Contact a local reflexologist and try it yourself. Be the judge. Afterwards, you’ll come away feeling refreshed and relaxed. You may even find that reflexology is the way to safely and naturally correct hormonal imbalances.

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Originally published on Mar 24, 2014

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