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Rama Prasad Health

Dr Rama Prasad

45 Oxford St
Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Servicing area: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cairns

Rama Prasad Health

Rama Prasad Health - Nature's Pure Powerful

In health and wellness world for over 35 years.
21+ years in Australia and a practitioner and coach.
​Works as Ayurvedic holistic awellness coach.
Committed to your total recovery and wellbeing.

Rama Prasad Health

Consultation Venues, Australia

Sydney Sydney Ayurveda Centre, Suite 602, 282 Oxford St, Bondi Junction, 2022 NSW. Parking: 1-2 hour free parking on Ruthven street, next to About Life.

Melbourne 220 Carlisle st, Balaclava, 3183 Cairns 68 Roberts Drive, Trinity Beach QLD 4870.


Ayurveda is the art of living and science of healing. Evolved in India over 60,000 years ago, Ayurveda became a holistic living system and complete healing science 6,000 years ago. Charaka, Sushruta and Vagbhata and their desciples compiled the first generation Ayurvedic treatises. Over the past 3,000 years innumerable other authentic works came out. Most of these works are available at Motilal Banarassidas (

Ayurveda Authors - Modern

In the past few decades Dr. Deepak Chopra (, Dr. Vasanth Lad (, Dr. Robert E Svoboda (, David Frawley (, Maya Tiwari - Mayatitananda (website) etc published countless titles to spread this amazing wisdom of Ayurveda world-wide. Today Ayurvedic medicine is well known in Australia and worldwide.

Ayurveda Elements

Ayurvedic physician Rama Prasad and Ayurvedic practitioner Caroline Robertson (also naturopath and herbalist) set up Ayurveda Elements in 1996 to promote awareness in comprehensive or holistic healing in Ayurvedic clinic & homes.

Ayurveda Elements Academy

Ayurveda Elements Academy was born in 1996 with Ayurvedic seminars, workshops and short intensives for natural therapists and health seekers. The Academy runs 1 year certificate courses and soon coming up with government accredited Ayurveda Certificate IV. We are working with East West College (website) in order to bring it nationwide. Keep watching this page for more information.

Ayurvedc resources

Ayurvedic way of using lifestyle, nutrition, herbs, therapies and cleansing is unique. Ayurveda chooses the best for you from its wealth of 21,000 herbs, hundreds of cleansing (panchakarma) and rejuvenating (rasayana) therapies and seasonal and personalized usage of food and drinks to bring optimum health in any individual.

Specialty Ayurvedic Clinics

Ayurveda Elements bring specialty health care in various departments such as back and neck pain, weight loss, fertility, psoriasis and asthma. We also specialises in generation X syndrome and multiple disorders. Our all natural and time-tested approaches work wonders in these conditions.

Ayurveda Courses and training

Ayurveda Elements runs courses and training in Ayurveda and Sanskrit since 1996 to promote these Vedic sciences. We also bring international speakers and presenters from time to time and organise seminars, workshops and conferences.

Ayurveda Products

Triphala, Chyavanprash, Dhanwantaram, Panchakolam, Tongue Scraper, Talisadi are some of the most common herbs and tools used in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda Health Resorts

Ayurveda Elements refers their clients to authentic ayurvedic hospitals and rejuvenation resorts when necessary. These centres are well known for their authenticity and hospitality. Clients go through personalised program in tropical weather in beautiful surrounding.

Complete Ayurvedic Center

If you want natural, holistic or holistic healing or courses, you are looking for Ayurveda Elements, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne and Canberra, Australia.

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Qualification Details

7.5 year Bachelor's from Bharatiyar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Mind-Body Psychology training with Greg Neville
Hypnotherapy with Leon Cowen

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