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A Guide for People Getting Ready for Change

If there's one common trait among all successful people, it's the ability to capitalise on the opportunity to change and make something better. Read on to find out how you can change the status quo and see positive results.

Sound Bath: What Is It & How Can It Help You?

The therapeutic effects of specific sound frequencies have long piqued the interest of Western scientists. In fact, some scientists have coined the term

Is Dalia Good for You?

If you're trying to lose weight or fight chronic conditions, coarse broken wheat, often known as dalia, is the ideal alternative for your daily diet. In this article, you'll learn more about this superfood.

Everything You Need to Know About the PHATT Diet

Tired of trendy diets that only result in a yo-yo effect? This article walks you through the PHATT diet plan, which aids in weight loss as well as the prevention of a variety of health problems.

A Guide to Full Moon Meditation: What, Why & How?

Do you wish to let go of your intense emotion or take a break from the stresses of life? A full moon meditation can help you tap into the universe's feminine energy.

Resolve the Noise From Within in Tinnitus Awareness Week 2022

Tinnitus Awareness Week aims to raise awareness about this common condition and improve the quality of life for people living with tinnitus. If you're hearing excessive noise from within your head or know of someone who does, this event gives you the oppo

Accessing the Akashic Records & How It Can Help You

The Akashic Records contain an infinite source of knowledge that can be used for self-development, healing fears, finding peace, understanding others better, and much more. Learn how to get spiritual direction or clarity about your life's purpose by acces

International CHD Awareness Month 2022: Strengthen the Hearts of Children

One in 100 newborns are diagnosed with some type of heart defect before they are born. International CHD Awareness Month is dedicated to bringing awareness about children who are affected by various types of congenital heart defects and how research is a

The MIND Diet: A Beginner's Guide

The MIND diet has been found to improve cognitive function in those at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. The diet is also associated with a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

Sugar Sucks Diet: Is a Low Sugar Diet Good for You?

If you're ready to switch to a low-sugar diet and start reaping the benefits, there are a few things you can do to make the transition easier. Learn what a low-calorie diet entails and how to get started.