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Inspire Me Naturally

Find joy and live healthy with our all-natural bathroom products for you and your family.

Bamboo Cotton Buds, Botanical Bath & Body Oil Jasmine, & Himalayan Salt Bar

All-Natural Calming and Rejuvenating Products

Like the food you eat, the products you put on your body can affect your health in a positive or negative way. Inspire Me Naturally offers bathroom products in Arundel QLD that are made from all-natural ingredients to ensure that you stay 100% healthy.

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Bamboo Cotton Buds

Complete your hygiene kit with this naturally organic and safe cotton buds.

Botanical Bath & Body Oil Bamboo

Enjoy a luxurious bath skin-friendly body oils. It’s easy to absorb and keeps the skin soft and supple. 

Botanical Bath & Body Oil Jasmine

Soak your skin in this skin-friendly bath oil and benefit from its healing properties. 

Botanical Bath & Body Oil Lavender

This natural bath oil does a wonderful job at hydrating the skin and restoring its youthful glow.

Botanical Bath & Body Oil Rose

Infused with rose oil, this hydrating body oil promises to keep your skin smooth and supple.

Daily Facial Cleanser

Pamper your skin with this gentle cleanser that retains moisture and refreshes. 

Detox Salt Bath & Spa Salts

Enriched with minerals, these natural bath salts from the Himalayas in Pakistan offer you a bath that is nourishing to the body and mind. 

Epsom Salt

This therapeutic product is the perfect solution for easing tired muscles and treating pain.

Essential Nourishing Hand Wash

Infused with essential oils, this product cleans, protects and nourishes.

Himalayan Salt Bar

Made from natural Himalayan salts, this soap bar helps reduce symptoms of different skin conditions like eczema, acne, bacterial and fungal infections.

Himalayan Salt Pipe

Our porcelain inhaler made from natural Himalayan salts offers the benefits you would typically receive from a salt crystal therapy. It treats allergies, sinus problems, chest infections and asthma, among others.

Kids Bath Soak

An unadulterated bath soak that contains Himalayan bath salts, Epsom salts, magnesium chloride, MSM and essential oils for a healing and rejuvenating experience.

Fractionated Coconut Oil

This natural, lightweight oil is easily absorbed by the skin and non-comedogenic. It’s ideal for dry skin.

Epsom Salt Bucket

Experience the healing power of these salts day in, day out without having to worry about running out of stock.

Organic Bicarb Soda

Keep your body’s acidity at the normal levels with this organic product.

Organic Bicarb Soda

Certified organic and free from aluminum, pure sodium bicarbonate neutralises the acid in your body. 

Lavender Nourished Therapy Body Lotion

Containing the calming properties of lavender and the healing effect of tea tree oil,  this natural emollient hydrates and protects the skin.

Tea Tree Oil Nourishing Face Therapy

Keep your face smooth and supple with this natural daily moisturizer that contains tea tree oil, bergamot, jojoba and vitamin E. 

Detox Foot Patches

These foot patches draw out acidity and toxins from your body while you’re asleep.

Foot Patches 1 Pair

Infused with therapeutic herbs such wood vinegar and Babbusa Breviflora Sap (Bamboo), these will surely keep your feet in tiptop shape.

Foot Patches 5 Pairs

Stocking up on more herb-rich foot patches ensures the health of your feet.

Tea Tree Foot Therapy

No more dry, rough, and cracked heels, thanks to this therapeutic foot cream. 

Shampoo & Conditioner Nourished Combo

Clean, hydrate, and restore your hair’s natural balance with this shampoo and conditioner that contains essential oils.

Tea Tree Oil Conditioner

Blended with natural Australian tea oil and essential oils, this product moisturizes the hair and maintains the health of the scalp.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Rich in tea tree oil and essential oils, this shampoo cleans and removes dandruff.

Methyl Sulphonyl Methane

This dietary sulfur detoxifies the cells, regenerates new tissue cells, and promotes healthy skin and hair. 

Methyl Sulphonyl Methane

More is better! You’ll never run out of this important dietary sulfur again. 

Revive Tea Tree and Lemon Soap

This gentle, natural soap bar contains vitamin E and essential oils that guarantee a fresh and clean feeling.

Unwind Tea Tree & Lavender Soap

Rich with essential oils like tea tree and lavender, this soap bar cleans and hydrates your skin.

Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush

Achieve clean teeth minus the danger of ingesting hazardous chemicals.

Bio ToothBrush Twin Pack

Get a better deal with this twin pack of Pirate Black & MonsoonMist.

Whitening Tooth Powder 

Smile with confidence as this product contains potent whitening ingredients.

Clary Calm Roll-On Oil

A combination of essential oils that’s meant to calm your senses. 

Menstrual Cup Blue

No more worrying about leaks. Designed for light to heavy flow, this allows you to sleep comfortably at night. 

Menstrual Cup Clear

Enjoy a leak-free period and sleep soundly at night.

Menstrual Cup Wipes

These wipes help you keep your cups clean, especially when you’re travelling and have no access to clean water. 

Modibodi Period Underpants – Tweens & Teens

Designed for medium to heavy flow, these period underpants are highly absorbent and capable of holding fluid to protect you from leaks.

Reusable Cloth Pads Twin Pack Assorted

These natural alternatives to sanitary napkins are ideally used for medium flow. 

Tweens & Teens Period Starter Pack

This starter pack is ideal for tweens and teens who are preparing for period pants. 

Whisper 5ml Oil

Its warm and floral scent, when combined with every woman’s body chemistry, creates a personal scent that is distinctly their own. 

Magnesium Flakes

A wonderful addition to your foot soak as it increases your magnesium levels. 

Magnesium Flakes 3kg Bulk Buy

Reap all the health benefits of magnesium from this bucket deal. 

Magnesium Transdermal Oil 

This natural oil helps relieve tired muscles and is easily absorbed by the skin.

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