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Inspire Me Naturally

Janice Ferguson

6/30 Ereton Drv
Arundel QLD 4214

Servicing area: Arundel, Southport, Gold Coast QLD & Australia-Wide

Inspire Me Naturally

Cook and eat great food without the guilt of harming the environment.

Pink Edible Salt, Stainless Steel Grinder Pack, Beeswax Kitchen Wrap Basics & Produce Bags

Make Everything Delicious With Our Natural Kitchen Essentials

Meal preparation in Arundel QL is made fun and safe with Inspire Me Naturally’s eco-friendly kitchen essentials. These products will surely take you on an exciting gastronomic journey.

Pink Edible Salt (Fine) 1kg

Take your cooking up a notch with this natural pink Himalayan salt.

Pink Salt (Coarse 1-2mm) 1kg

Tired of white salt? Stir up excitement in the kitchen with some pink-coloured salt 

Pink Salt (Granule 3-5mm) 1kg

Not only can pink salt enhance the flavour of your dishes, but it can also make your table look pretty when poured into a salt grinder.

Salt Cooking Slab with Holder

Substitute your pans for this salt slab that’s packed with natural flavours and minerals.

Stainless Steel Grinder Pack

Adjust the flavour of your food as you see fit with this ergonomic kitchen device

Mr Squeezy Slow Juicer

Extract juices of vegetables and fruits without sapping the nutrients.

Nespresso Starter Pack

Brew coffee without inflicting harm on the environment with our reusable coffee pod. 

Nespresso Two Pack

Reusable and refillable Bluecap coffee capsules for your Nespresso® machine.

Nespresso Two Pack

These reusable coffee pods lets you have the perfect brew without posing a threat to the environment.

Beeswax Kitchen Wrap Basics x3

Retain the freshness of food with these reusable kitchen wraps.

Beeswax Wrap Cheese x3

Love cheese? These reusable wraps will help keep your favourite food fresh and delicious.

Forgotten Cotton – 5 Pack Large

Safe, durable and reusable. These cotton bags can hold veggies and fruits that weigh more than 2.5 kgs.

Forgotten Cotton – 5 Pack Small

Food shopping has just become much easier with these eco-friendly, reusable produce bags.

Fruit & Veg Shopping Bags 4 Pk

Reusable mesh bags for carrying fresh vegetables and fruits.

Produce Bags Organic Muslin 4 Pk

Retain the goodness and nutrients of your vegetables and fruits in this organic, reusable muslin produce bags.

Copper Water Bottle

Switch to this handcrafted water bottle that processes copper water, which contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Crystal Gem Pod Rejuvenation

Carnelian and clear quartz regain your energy and improve your concentration. 

Stainless Steel Grinder Pack

Keep your salt and pepper fresh in this glass container that comes with a grinding mechanism.

Eco Friendly Straw Set

Durable food-grade reusable straws made from stainless steel and 100% natural bamboo. 

Salt Cooking Slab with Holder

This salt slab allows you to cook in style and mindful of the nutrients in your dishes. 

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