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Bioresonance - effective for allergic and chronic diseases

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Bioresonance Therapy
Particularly effective for allergic and chronic diseases

  • State of the art painless therapy
  • Restoring your body's self healing powers


Bioresonance therapy (BRT) is a biophysical technique based on concepts in acupuncture, homeopathy and quantum physics.

The aim of BRT therapy is to restore the body’s self healing and regulatory capacity.
Most orthodox and complementary medicine uses chemicals (pharmaceuticals or herbs) to alter the body’s biochemistry.

Biophysics research in German, British and American universities has shown that living organisms generate tiny electromagnetic fields which naturally regulate their biochemistry and that these can be used for a drug-free and non-invasive therapy.

We practice Bioresonance which was introduced in Germany over 30 years ago. There are over 6000  practitioners in Europe and approximately 90 in Australia. It is best known for its success with chronic conditions.

How does it work?

Traditional Oriental medicine believes our bodies are criss-crossed with energy pathways. A balanced flow of energy is an indicator of good health. Imbalance is detected by taking electrical measurements from acupuncture points on the fingers and toes. Specific programs can re-establish energy balance using electrodes on the skin or on top of light clothing.

Various scientific studies have shown that the human body gives off frequencies ranging from a few vibrations per second (brainwaves) to many thousands per second (visible light)

Filters in the computer detect and separate ‘healthy’ frequencies from unhealthy’ frequencies and mirror circuits are used to cancel the frequencies of harmful substances.

Hence the frequent comment “I’m feeling better in myself’, referring to things such as more energy and vitality, fewer infections and fewer cravings. Many clients come for preventative health care as problems will appear in the energetic system before there are any symptoms.

What happens during treatment?

At your initial consultation you will be asked about your medical history and treatment to date, symptoms and when they started and exposure to chemicals and electromagnetic radiation at home and at work. The practitioner will assess your energetic state by taking electrical measurements from meridian acupuncture point on your hands and feet. Based on this, the practitioner will plan your treatment starting with the removal of energy blockages. You will lay comfortably on the treatment table, with your hands and/or feet on metal electrodes. You may also be asked to give a tiny saliva or urine sample as the computer can pick up information from this to enhance your treatment.

Organ and tissue detoxification is a very important part of bioresonance treatments. Therefore we encourage you to drink at least 1.5 litres (or 3Omls per 1 kilogram of body weight) of pure water during the day, and more if you experience mild flu-like symptoms.

Treatment Fees
Initial consult -$140.00
Subsequent consults -$90.00

Initial consult -$100.00
Subsequent consults -$50.00

Payment at time of appointment

24 hours notice is required or full fee is due

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