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Chakras healing is a process of physical, emotional & spiritual health management that focuses on balancing your body's energies.

Chakras Healing - About

All ancient Eastern philosophies stress the presence of a balance of energy within human bodies. This is called Energy of Life, Parana, or Chi. Masters assume that our physical and emotional well-being is responsible for the flow of energy. Our emotional state directly affects the channels through which this energy flows. These effects lead to blockages of energy which appear as physical symptoms or emotional instability. Healing chakras is an alternate way of healing the body from inside by eliminating any blockages and naturally letting the energy flow. Unlike our blood vessels, these channels of energy are also blocked, and need de-blocking.
Ram Gopal Chand practicer for more than 25 years of tantric yoga, energy healing and ritual practices. Initiated by lineage guru Dr. Vinay Sharma, a close associate of Dr. P J Saher, father of the "Zen-Yoga" tradition of only science-based yoga. I trained under the guidance of numerous masters around the world including Philippine energy healers, Saharan Bedouins, Himalayan yogis, Middle Eastern dervishes, and fake ones. It's my interests, not my career! I am well versed in many healing methods, including Oriental Chinese, Traditional Hawaiian Energy Healing, and Tantric Yoga. Energy Healing, Yoga, Massage – these activities are strangely strong, though called Pseudoscience, and often make us think that scientific science might not have reached maturity to fully understand such phenomena.

Key benefits of Chakras Healing

  • Relief from daily mental and emotional stress, including depression, anxiety, hatred and anger
  • Feeling of deep relaxation and feather lightness
  • Relationship boost, improvements in intimacy issues with enhanced sexual drives
  • Free flow of energy throughout the body, helping remove any blockages
  • Connecting on a deeper level to your body, mind, and soul
  • An uplift in self-esteem and increased emotional healing. 
  • Physical benefits such as joint mobility, increased blood circulation, high oxygenation, lesser headaches, improved sleep and more.


  • Kundalini Balancing Massage
  • Meridians Vacuum Cupping
  • Energy Flow & Healing
  • Grounding

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Chakras Healing