Ethereal Alchemy

Andrew Grieve

Gold Coast QLD 4214

Servicing area: Gold Coast, Brisbane & Tweed Shire

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Our meditation events are unique in that we create a high-frequency, healing space for our participants and work with the frequencies of Transference Healing.

Each meditation event you attend helps you to release old energy, fear and pain as we gently lift you into the Light and balance your energy field on a core level.

Meditation Classes

Meditation Evenings 

We run regular monthly meditation events on the Gold Coast where participants can experience guided meditations with a different theme each time.

Sometimes we work with Ascended Masters, or specific Animals to embody their healing qualities, crystals, lunar cycles and more.

Everyone Welcome

Everyone is welcome to attend our meditation events, whether you are a complete beginner, or seasoned pro. We facilitate guided meditations that take you on a magical journey to connect with the inner & spiritual realms.

Receive healing, insight and embody new levels of peace and love through our beautiful events.

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