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Georgina Whitfield

Georgina Whitfield

This practitioner is currently unavailable.

Explore the mystery. Reconnect with your own heart.
Find peace in who you are. Deepen into love. Live ecstatically.

Georgina Whitfield- Meditation & Shamanic Healing.

Georgina is a healing practitioner that works closely with you, to help you move further into a life that is rich and meaningful, loving and ecstatic.

Her approach is deeply rooted in the natural world and acknowledges your journey to discover your own true nature.

One on one sessions can take place in an indoor or outdoor setting. They are available in Sydney, Newcastle and Nelson Bay. More Details Below.
Georgina also facilitates Shamanic Drumming Circles, Workshops and Meditation groups.

Contact Georgina on
M:0414 830 131
Healing Sessions now available in Sydney.
Contact Nicky at The Pilates Centre Mosman for Details 9968 4388

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing refers to heart-centred, nature-based healing techniques and wisdom ways common to many indigenous peoples of our planet.

Shamanic Healing embraces the mysteries of life and the universe, to create an open space for healing to occur. It honours the interconnection of all things and invites every person into direct relationship with the sacred.

Shamanic Healing has the capacity to meet you at all levels of your being, addressing not only your physical world but also the deep longing of your soul and spirit.

What is a Shamanic Healing session like?

A Shamanic Healing session emerges to meet your specific needs. I combine established practices with intuition to best support you. Initially we would discuss what interests you, connecting heart and soul to what calls you forward into the session. Sometimes that is healing, or an end to struggle or suffering, sometimes it is curiosity or passion. Often times people are not sure what it is that calls them to a healing session, just an curiosity, a sense of there is something in that for me. And during the session things become clearer.

I use many creative, comtemporary and traditional practices and to guide you into your inner knowing, whilst cultivating a safe and deeply holding space.

~Shamanic Journeying~
Using the drumbeat to alter my state of consciousness, I enter into the unseen and surrender into the unknown, on your behalf. The drum is a very reliable method for allowing deep relaxation and moving into an deeply creative and altered perception. Rhythm and drone can be recognised across all cultures as central to spiritual practices.

~Power Animal Retrieval~
A Power Animal offers guidance and wisdom to any situation. When you cultivate your relationship with a power animal, you will be continuously amazed at the many ways they can teach and support you in your life. When your animal is blown in it will open your energy system into a new way of being.

~Soul Retrieval~
At times of stress aspects of our soul, our selves can split off from our conscious being. This dissociative response can occur in childhood, before we develop the resources to cope with challenging situations or from any shock or trauma. A soul retrieval is a beautiful way to reconnect with aspects of yourself that are not being fully lived. Not limited at all to biographical trauma, a soul retrieval can connect you with any aspect of soul that is not being fully lived.

~Immersion in Nature~
Through personal retreats and workshops, spending intentional time in Nature is one of the most satisfying you can do. The harmonious rhythms and wilderness of the natural world allow are own souls to fly. Mother Nature can be the perfect mirror to internal stories, gently guiding us to our fullest expression of Self.

~ Sound Healing~
The bodymind is full of rhythm and movements, heart beat, breath in breath out. Our cells continuous vibrating with life. Sound and vibration naturally allows the bodymind to resonate with clarity. You will find that a tibetan bowl can reach right into the heart of the matter and find peace where before there was only chaos.

~ Energy Awareness ~
As well as working directly with your energy field. I am trained to guide you into your own energy awareness. Developing this skill for yourself is a direct path to greater self awareness and relational understanding.

~ Mindbody Counselling ~
The body, the mind, the subconscious often express themselves as feelings and emotions, Mindbody Counselling is a great way to get in touch with the depth of any situation. It enables the movement of long held emotions, traumas and stories.

Through my Services You Can

  • Claim your belonging to place and community.

  • Find strength in the shifting ground of identity. Find yourself at the core of your inner worlds.

  • Celebrate and propagate conscious loving relationships.

  • Develop long-term sustainable resources for healthy, happy and inspired living.

  • And have fun along the way.

  • What Others Have Experienced

    I have had a couple of Shamanic healing sessions with Georgie, and also attended a 'Connecting to Nature' workshop.  All of these sessions happened at difficult points in my life, and I came to the sessions not knowing what to expect.  I left all three feeling supported, uplifted, empowered, grounded, and more connected to myself, my life, and the world around me.

    Renee, Anna Bay
    29 Nov. 2010

    I did a soul retrieval with Georgie and came away feeling like I had recovered a part of myself that I didn’t even know was missing. I felt lighter, freer and filled with a child-like sense of good-will. Since then I have felt a more solid sense of myself as an adult. One other interesting thing that came up in the soul retrieval was the lifting of what felt like a legacy of unhappiness from generations of women in my family. Somehow I no longer feel that I am beholden to pass any of that misery onto the next generations – thank you, Georgie.

    Anna, Nelson Bay
    24 December 2010

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    phone: 0414830131
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    Qualifications and Associations

    Bachelor Performing Arts
    Cert. of Transformative Meditation
    Diploma of Shamanic and Energetic Healing
    Diploma of Soul Care and Shamanic Healing
    Certificate of Holistic Counselling

    member of the Port Stephens Suicide Prevention Network Inc.
    Founding Member of Port Stephens Complementary Health Service Association Inc.
    Member of Australian Shamanic Network

    Member of Energetic Healing Association Inc.

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