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Holistic Healings ~ Kinesiology Teresa Whitehead

Servicing area: Canberra Region

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Teresa at Holistic Healings provides Holistic Kinesiology with a selection of modalities to support a session.

Kinesiology ~ Holistic Healings

Brief History Of Theta Healing

Theta Healing was developed by a Naturopath and Massage Therapist in the US called Vianna Stibal, who also did intuitive readings. It was when connecting with the energy she used while doing her readings that she realised it helped her deal with her cancer and developed Theta Healing that is used today.

Vianna and a physicist friend discovered, by testing, when doing her healings she was tapping into the Theta brainwaves. After this the range of techniques she used during her treatments were recorded and used by other practitioners to help treat a range of health conditions and ailments.

What Is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is a holistic method of healing that connects the spiritual, physical and emotional realms of yourself , in order to help your overall wellness. While in a Theta State (awake but fully relaxed- like meditation) you are able to access stored unhelpful beliefs and worn out and recurring patterns that are stored in the subconscious.

What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of movement. A Kinesiologist will notice how muscles move and respond (muscle feedback) to various stresses or energy blocks that you may have in your life. This covers physical, emotional, mental and energetically health related issues.

NOTE: Kinesiology is an energetic model not a medical model. A Kinesiologist does not diagnosis, treat or prescribe.

How Does Kinesiology Work?

A Kinesiology session helps you move forward into your life. Once a stress is identified, a new awareness starts to develop within the network of your body, mind, and energy. A goal is then set up to support the balance process and treat your underlying ailment.

A Kinesiology balance technique will be used to help regulate the stress in your body, helping you to overcome any injuries sooner. This helps embed the goal into the mind/body allowing for new solutions and potential change within the holistic being that is you.

How Does ThetaHealing & Kinesiology Work Together?

Theta Healing and Kinesiology are used in tandem, with your permission, to help reduce and repair from emotional blocks, trauma/stress, self-esteem, confidence and many ongoing issues that have over stayed their welcome in your life.

A session helps negative beliefs and patterns be released and replaced with positive and affirming replacements. Perfect to help treat a range of personal and professional problems, why wouldn't you give Theta Healing and Kinesiology a try?

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