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Isabelle Clark

Isabelle Clark - Healing and Growth

Nowra North NSW 2541

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My goal is to get you well, and keep you that way with Counselling, Kinesiology and Meditation. Techniques I use are safe and gentle; I take the time to listen to you, restore your health and wellbeing, life then flows easily. Start now to unlock your hidden potential.

Isabelle Clark - Healing and Growth

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Nowra & Surrounding areas

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Goal enhancement Purpose Joy Headaches Muscle tension Stress management

Welcome to Isabelle Clark - Healing and Growth

Kinesiology is possibly the quickest way to determine an imbalance in the body and correct it.

With gentle healing techniques I support you through the tough times, and assist you to create a feeling of wholeness and inner peace. You are then able to improve the quality of your life, and gain clarity and purpose. Kinesiology works on all levels of the body - physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual.

How can Kinesiology assist you?

The world is full of change and we don’t always like it nor can we keep up with it. Maybe for you there is too much going on! If you feel your life is on a treadmill and you want to get off, I can give you the confidence to move away from the situations and make better choices for yourself.

Are you continually?
  • Having anxiety/panic attacks, tightness in your chest?
  • Are you tossing and turning and waking up at night?
  • Feeling lonely and overwhelmed with emotional stuff?
  • Has another relationship ended badly?
  • Disappointed in your sex life?
  • Wanting to release grief, shock, trauma and or moodiness, jealousy and depression.
  • Feeling stuck with unresolved anger not sure what to do
  • Unable to forgive yourself or others?
  • Feeling lonely want to make new friends?
  • Feeling tired, stressed and anxious all the time?
I assist you to:
  • Release the past
  • Discover your authentic self
  • Create with passion the relationships and work you desire
  • Release any sabotage holding you from achieving your full potential
  • Live your life with passion and purpose
What makes me the right therapist for you?
  • I allow my clients plenty of time I do not rush an appointment
  • I bring to each consultation over 11 years of experience
  • I can get to the core issue very quickly
  • I am committed to assist you with innovative solutions
  • I support you as you start your healing journey
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Private Consultations:

By appointment, during the day, early evenings and some Saturdays.

Initial consultation is one and a half hours; follow-up consultations can be 30 minutes to one hour. Babies, children, adolescents less

Feel free to call and discuss your requirements or make an appointment for a consultation: Mobile: 0403-324486

Discount for Seniors, Centrelink concession holders.
Payment Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer

Healing and Growth Workshops

Meditation, Mindfulness (Stress Release for Busy People)

Create Balance, Peace and Happiness in your Life

Learn how to create order and calmness in every aspect of your life. Stop the roller coaster. Great accomplishments are achieved by sitting still, and going inward. Create peace as you open your heart and learn techniques to heal yourself. Sleep soundly, wake refreshed.

Meditation, Mindfulness for Kids...Calm Breathing together with simple mindful and meditation is a wonderful tool for children. It improves memory, attention and focus. Have fun while learning to relax increase optimism and happiness.

Meditation, Mindfulness for Students (Exam Stress)... Mindfulness and meditation assists breathing so you keep calm under pressure. Meditation can also teach you time management skills. Become confident in your ability to study, retain information and sit the exam.

Open Your Creative Spirit – Write from the Heart…In this workshop awaken to the wonder of writing. Move beyond fear, as you tap into the creative process and explore the art of writing, Get to know yourself better. Within the group gain support and inspiration, as you unleash your imagination, connect with your mind, heart and soul through the process of healing your spirit.

Kinesiology- Learn to Muscle Test…Muscle testing is a method of tapping into the innate intuition we all possess. Muscle testing can assist getting information that may not readily be available to a person’s present awareness.

Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement – 2 day workshop...This workshop shows you how to locate and clear sabotage programs from the subconscious mind, and engages the higher self to bring through positivity.
Goal enhancement opens the flow of divine wisdom from the higher self and gives access to the paramount goal(s) for life

Living with Radiation and other earth energies – 1 day workshop

Electromagnetic fields impinge on the meridians of the body and can bring imbalance to the natural movement of energy, blood flow and lymphatic clearance

More information about workshops contact Isabelle m: 0403-324486 or e:


“My life has changed dramatically for the better since seeing Isabelle. I truly believe that through kinesiology helping build my self esteem and confidence, I attracted the right partner for me into my life. I have been promoted to a new job in the same company, my life at home with my teenage daughters has improved and they both have had kinesiology sessions with Isabelle.

I have great admiration and respect for Isabelle. Her caring and compassionate nature, combined with a great sense of humour has made the sessions really enjoyable. “
SJ Sydney

“When I started seeing Isabelle, I was a shell of the person I am today. I had no self confidence, was in constant pain and felt very frustrated. I thought that was how it was always going to be. Then I heard Isabelle's voice on the radio and realised that there was a glimmer of hope for me and my life. I rang her up and went for a consultation - it changed my life.

I think that Isabelle has an amazing gift of healing as well as a big wonderful heart. She can make you very calm and feel special in minutes.

My pain levels have now decreased and I am in control of my life again. I know I could not have done this without Isabelle's help."
ML Sydney

I know it’s the meditation because when I have missed a week all goes back as before. I enjoy the unpretentious nature of the group and that I don't feel pressured to 'sign up' to anything. The results speak for themselves.
Thank you. Anita Cameron, Lindfield.

The writing group is a fantastic source of support and encouragement. The writing prompts give us inspiration. I always leave the group feeling lighter and happier. RC Blacktown

Having a session with someone else really helped me understand how unique and valuable your work is. Please teach others so their clients come back who need it most, ML Nowra

  • Registered Professional Kinesiology Practitioner
  • Registered Kinesiology Course Instructor and Mentor/Supervisor of practitioners
  • Shell Essence Practitioner and Trainer
  • Reiki 2 Practitioner
  • Member of Australian Kinesiology Assoc. No: 9232
  • Cert IV in Workplace Assessment & Training
  • Cert IV Small Business Management

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