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At The Healing House, Gill offers you opportunities for on-going support as you heal with Reiki.

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Reiki Training

Reiki Energy Healing is best learnt with personal guidance and personal care of a Reiki Master like Gillian who has extensive experience and knowledge to support you personally in your own unique journey with Reiki…

  • Reiki one: At Reiki One you will learn the Usui Method of Natural Healing become attuned to Reiki Energy.You will… learn how to offer Reiki to yourself, family and friends … and pets! And a more!

  • Reiki Two: Reiki Two is recognized as the Advanced Level of the Usui  Reiki Method of Natural Healing. You will… learn how to send healing over a distance with a variety of Reiki Distance Healing methods. And more!

  • Reiki Two Extension: Reiki Two Extension is an opportunity to expand your knowledge, confidence, and experience with Reiki. Your Reiki skills will be completely revised – confirming your knowledge and understanding and increasing your over-all confidence.

For more information about how to enrol and get into contact with Gillian, click here.

Pet Healing Reiki Healing Skills

Providing your Pet Reiki Healing can be a highly satisfying and amazing experience. Reiki Healing is a wonderful method of support that you can provide your pets with when they are feeling anxious, distressed or unwell.

After having completed a Reiki One Training, Attunement and Healing
Workshop with Gill, you will be able to provide Reiki to your Pets as well as conduct Reiki healing on your friends, family members and even on yourself!

As you take the unique journey through all of the differing phases of Reiki at The Healing House you will take in, become aware and learn many different ways of treating and assisting your Pets with Reiki healing.

At Reiki Two Extension you will gain the energetic connection and learn the necessary skills required to a more profound connections with your pets.

For more information about how to enrol and get into contact with Gillian, click here.

Reiki Master Training

There are two phases of becoming a Reiki Master….

Reiki Master Healing Practitioner:

When you complete Reiki Master: Healing Practitioner with Gillian, you will have the knowledge and skills to develop your own Reiki healing practice.

The training offered by Gill is a truly personal experience. In the past, some clients have undertaken the training for their personal healing and to enhance their Reiki healing skills. As a Reiki Master: Healing Practitioner, you will have the opportunity to provide healings as a Reiki Master without pursuing the skills required to be a Reiki Teacher.

Providing Reiki healings to other individuals as a Reiki Healing Master Healing Practitioner requires a willingness to connect with personal awareness and a journey towards personal mastery.

Reiki Master: Healing Practitioner training is 9 to 12 months personal one on one training with Gill.

Reiki Master: Teacher and Healing Practitioner

Reiki Master: Teacher & Healing Practitioner training with Gill provides you with the ability of being able to teach Reiki to other people. You will be able to align them using Reiki.

Providing Reiki to other individuals who are in need of healing as Reiki Master: Teacher is a truly fulfilling and wonderful experience. It requires a conscious connection to awareness and understanding.

This is empowering training is held over 9 to 12 months the length of this ensures that a thorough, comprehensive, and enlivening transition to your alignment as a Reiki Master: Teacher & Healing Practitioner. It is one -on one training with Gill.

For more information about how to enrol and get into contact with Gillian, click here.

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