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Jasmina Sandalj

Carlingford NSW 2118

Servicing area: Chatswood, Epping, Parramatta, Australia-wide and Overseas


 I believe all people can live the empowered life and do what they love.

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Intuitive Coaching for Life Clarity and Harmony

About Jasmina

Sometimes life is.....
tоugh and we do nоt аlwауѕ felt undеrѕtооd and supported аnd thеn wе might find оurѕеlvеѕ ѕuffеring from bоutѕ оf depression, аnxiеtу, lоnеlinеѕѕ, раniс, fеаr, еtс. The imроrtаnt thing to realise iѕ thаt YOU ARE NOT BROKEN аnd you аrе nоt аlоnе".    
~ Jasmina ~


Who is Jasmina Sandalj?

I am an Intuitive Coach and helps clients in all aspects of life, personally and professionally, to use intuitive nature to release your fullest potential, find the purpose to give you the power to live your life with confidence and joy.

Also, I can help you:

  • To lеаrn rеаѕоnѕ whу уоu might be hаving thе iѕѕuеѕ уоu аrе having.
  • How you can stop the сhаin оf pain аnd begin to idеntifу and
  • Hеаl the nеgаtivе раttеrning that kеерѕ rесurring in уоur life.

With direct, informal and encouraging approaches, I will create awareness to uncover the essence of what you want in your life and your potential and strength to create balance in all areas of life.

Do you feel that you have:

  • Limiting beliefs holding you back,
  • You are not aware of your authentic purpose and truth or
  • You do not have the clarity to harmonize some areas of your life.

My goal is: To empower you, ambitious and highly motivated, ladies to regain control of life, providing you tools and strategies so that you can be the creator of your life.

My mission: is to provide some of the steps necessary to help you break old habits that do not serve your soul’s purpose, refocus your resistance and re-paint the picture of the life you want to see. I 

In return, no matter what comes your way, you will be ready and empowered to lift up yourself to experience life fulfilment. 

My life purpose: is to teach, guide and bring messages to people so they may understand how they talk, think, express themselves has to impact on their lives and to understand that they are creators of their lives.  


My basic coaching sessions help people to:

    • Remove obstacles
    • Build confidence and self-esteem
    • establish connecions within
    • understand themselves inside out
    • understand what Intuition is (how to Trust and Listen Intuition)
    • ​How to follow your Heart's passion
    • develop better communication/relationship

As I ran into my own limiting beliefs through my life, primarily as a business owner, I discovered and learned ways on how to understand their impacts on my growth and success and

  • ​I combine my life and business knowledge and experience using proven frameworks and strategies to assist my clients in creating incredible and sustainable results in any area of their life.  
  • I am continually working on my personal growth as I am a firm believer in persistence and continuous learning.

I am compassionate, with empathy, focused on practical guidance to re-awaken your reality, empowering you to shift your limitations and belief systems, increase your confidence and strength, to create positive changes in your life.


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