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Brain GymŪ Workshops
Member since
Oct 2004

Mary Nicholls

Phone 03 9435 0325
Mobile 0415 840 754
Address Bolton St
Eltham VIC 3095


1pm – 4pm THURSDAY 6th December, 2018 1pm – 4pm 

Excellent value at only: $39.00 

Venue: Living & Learning @ Ajani, Lower Templestowe 

To Book: 03 9850 3687 Email:

Do you wish you could:

Feel excited about each day?
Think clearly and calmly?
Feel relaxed and confident?
Trust your memory and coordination?
Unlock a child’s potential?

Come along and learn simple techniques to activate your brain to achieve more than you believed possible.

Move your body - Change your life

Brain GymŪ Workshops

What you will learn

Have fun and discover the ease and joy of meeting new challenges when you use all your abilities – even the ones you didn’t know you have. Learn how to increase your energy, self-confidence and creativity. Manage stress, be more organised, communicate clearly, and improve your memory with quick-acting, safe, easy movements. The physical movements directly enhance brain function.

Learn the movements during the class and experience the difference for yourself. You will then have the confidence to use them with others, at work, home or school.

There are 26 Brain Gym® movements which switch on the brain for left and right hemisphere integration, memory and emotional release, focus and concentration. We will learn 16 of these. You will receive a booklet of notes with instructions of how to use the movements to make each day easier.

What is Brain Gym®

Brain Gym® is a gentle, movement-based program, which stimulates or quietens the brain for effective learning and living, in the cognitive, social and emotional areas of our day-to-day experience. It is both a self-help and facilitated self-awareness and self-development program which stimulates clear and focussed thinking and promotes a sense of peace, serenity and joy. Brain Gym® is for everyone – no matter what age.

What to bring

Bring a bottle of water (water isone of the exercises) and wear comfortable clothing.

For Brain Gym101, Optimal Brain Gym and Hands On in the Classroom plus individually tailored Corporate Well-being workshops or Brain Gym in the Classroom workshops please contact Mary.

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