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Organic Effect

Marlene Pearson

North Beach WA 6020

Servicing area: North Beach, Stirling, Scarborough, Joondalup, Wanneroo, Wangara, Yokine, Burswood, Cottesloe, Perth

Organic Effect
Experience the relaxing but stimulating feeling of receiving a Chinese Reflexology.

Organic Effect - Reflexology

Chinese Reflexology - What is it?

It is an ancient healing art dating back to 2500BC and is based on the premise that various reflex points on the feet, hands and ears represent all the organs and glands in the body and by stimulating these points with various thumb and finger techniques, there will be a direct effect on the spine and corresponding organ or gland in the body. It may also help many health problems by boosting the immune system and relieving stress and tension.

So the toes represent anything in the head, the balls of the feet represent the chest area including the heart and lungs, the top part of the arch of the foot represents the kidneys and organs of digestion, namely the stomach, liver and pancreas and the lower area of the arch, the intestines and the bladder.

The reproductive organs are represented on the heel and the spine runs from the base of the big toe to the heel on the inside of the foot.

Click here to view the Reflexology Foot Chart.

What can I, your Reflexologist feel?

An imbalance in the body can usually be felt as "crystals" under the skin and you could become aware of a sensation in the area where I feel the 'crystals'.

How does it work?

I do not diagnose. However, I do work holistically and cover all the systems of the body, as reflected on the foot, to create a balance.

How long does a session last?

Between fifty minutes and an hour.

What can you expect to feel?

You will most probably feel a lightness in your feet. Some clients report that they feel as though they are walking on air after a session. You could also experience an increased feeling of well being,more energy, enjoy a more relaxed sleep and have better bowel and bladder function. The whole experience can be equated to a full body massage without having to undress.

Who can have a Reflexology session?

People of all ages benefit, so it can be used on babies, the elderly and everyone in between.

New mums who have swollen feet benefit for a Reflexology Session and it is becoming very popular with Cancer Patients and those undergoing Chemotherapy.

It is extremely beneficial for helping with muscular and skeletal problems. These include back and neck pain. Digestive disorders also benefit from this form of massage, and stress can be reduced. If you are pregnan, andt in the second or third Trimester, you may enjoy the increased energy that you experience after a session. It may also relieve swelling in the feet.


$70.00 per session.


My headaches have completely disappeared since my Chinese Reflexology sessions with you. This is a great relief.

ET New Zealand

My back pain on waking in the morning had gone and my back was much looser. In addition, I slept much more soundly.

IM Hilarys WA

I love my reflexology sessions. They are my treat to myself.

VS Kingsley WA

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