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Paradiso Healtharium - Distant Energy Balances & Treatments

Anyone who has had a RAW Balance treatment will report back to you that it is the words that are utilised to describe the energy states that are the most effective, by altering your consciousness, and thereby re-adjusting your energies. Thus of course, as long as the words are used and accessed, your energy bodies will be balanced. This means that RAW Balances is an effective form of treatment that can be conducted over the Phone, and even via Email communication. It does not matter where you are, in Australia, or abroad, RAW will work for you. This is an amazing form of treatment if you do not wish to part ways with your friendly practitioner.


  • Meredith's visits to Sydney every three months are timed to give you regular maintenance treatments.

  • Taking time out for yourself to fine tune your energies can maximise your potential and smooth out problems

I don’t have to tell you that the hectic nature of city life can begin to show on your face. Wouldn’t it be amazing to clean the slate and remove all the built up tension in your life that are masking your good looks?

What better way to start a holiday than at Paradiso Healtharium with an amazingly relaxing Facial Harmony natural facelift. Byron Bay is synonymous with its beautiful natural environment, so go native with Facial Harmony and be at one with the beautiful environment that surrounds you as your own natural beauty shines through. At Paradiso Healtharium all stress and tension surrenders under the gentle touch of the specialised massage technique of Facial Harmony used to encourage energy flow through the meridians of your face and head bringing about remarkable beauty benefits.

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