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Turn back time, take ages from your body.

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Energy Balances

aka – SUPER Kinesiology!

for people who are ok with the unusual RAW Balances

For more of your own energy available for health, goals & happiness…

Release Attached Energies

to a person, negative situation or past trauma

Unplug From

distractions, habits, repetitive cycles, or anxiety

Plug Into

more happiness, abundance, direction and confidence

Better Energies for a Better Life

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom is a supportive and gentle way to experience lightness and ease around stressful life experiences. You can use a RAW Balance to clear stressful energy around an experience you are currently dealing with, or from the past that still impacts your life now.

People who love Balances use them to clear energies around all sorts of things in life…..from relationship stress, to their own behavioural patterns, from work stress or to get goals to come to fruition more easily, from health issues to having more peace and happiness, and mostly for navigating and processing the issues we face in life as we grow and endeavour to live a productive, peaceful and happy life.

If you’re experiencing anxiety and life isn’t running as smoothly as you’d like it to, a RAW Balance is a great way to feel lighter, clearer, calmer and tapping into positive energy, which is a beneficial foundation for life to improve in some tangible way.

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom is an Energy Balancing treatment based on Kinesiology and uses muscle testing as a diagnostic tool to monitor what is going on in specific energy systems in our body, mind and emotions.

RAW also uses muscle testing to determine what information your unique and individual energies need, and in what specific order, unique to you, that you need this information to be able to unravel blocks quickly and easily to restore optimum energy flow and well being. Your energies are supported and protected throughout the balancing process.

Your energies are given the opportunity to choose the most appropriate way to support releasing unhelpful energies, for example negative thoughts, programmes, beliefs, and processing of experiences, to allow you to enjoy more well being quickly and easily. This is determined by using muscle testing.

There are many different RAW Balances that your energies can utilise, such as the Over Coming Fear Balance, Personal Power Balance, Sabotage Balance, or Insights Balance, just to name a few of the 60 different types of Balances. Each Balance is then tailored to meet your energy’s requirements to rebalance and align with positive energy.

Better Energies for a Better Life !

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