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Pamela Jordan

30 Beach Rd
Collaroy NSW 2097

Servicing area: Sydney and International

Pamela Jordan

Wholistic Music Lessons for Children and Adults
Music & Creativity Coaching
Healing Arts
Flower Essences
Professional Astrology Consultations

Sessions at Collaroy or Online

What makes my lessons wholistic?
I can integrate working with your chakras while you play.
When you learn scales with me, they are a joyful way to tune yourself up and lift your vibration and your spirit.
You can learn to read music, as well as, play from your heart - direct from the universe, through your hands to the piano. You begin in your first session with me.

Piano or Flute Lessons for Children

If your child is a little dreamy and creative– loves gazing out windows at school, drawing and reading books or tinkering on a piano – and you are despairing for their future – I can help. A true gift and talent is just waiting to be discovered! I have experience in guiding to bring out the best in them. After all, that was me all those years ago! Your child learns how to read music as well as how to improvise at the piano from day one. Their professional learning program is tailor-made for them. I have a collaborative approach with parents - we work together.

If your child is an avid reader and is bored at school - I can help.

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Piano or Flute Lessons for Adults

If you always wanted to learn to play the piano or flute and you are wanting quality "me" time now that your kids have left home - I can help. Actually I love shining the light for women to find themselves again for the second phase of their life. 

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Perhaps someone close to you has dementia and you are wanting to take preventative action for yourself. Learning to play the piano or flute is powerful in this way. Professional books about dementia state learning a new language or learning/playing a musical instrument is great for brain health and brings the brain alive!

In fact, research states that playing a musical instrument lights up every part of the brain. 

Playing a Musical Instrument Lights Up Every Part of Your Brain

If you are feeling unsure or insecure or rusty, I understand.

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Qualification Details

Bachelor of Arts in Music from Qld Conservatorium of Music and Graduate Diploma in Classroom Teaching. After completing those qualifications I became a Classroom Music Specialist. I have over 30yrs experience as a teacher, mentor, musician and commissioned composer. During this time I have been avidly interested in alternative therapies, healing arts and personal / spiritual development, quality of life and healthy lifestyle.

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