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Leonie Hosey

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Leonie Hosey is a well renowned spiritual healing channel, kinesiologist, medical intuitive, homoeopath and counsellor who has more than 35 years of clinical experience and is also the co-founder and a channel of Coral Essences, Shell Essences and the Golden Ray Essence Spray and Light Infused Shawls.

About Leonie Hosey

Servicing area

Caringbah, Cronulla, Miranda, Sutherland, Brighton, Hurstville, Kogorah, Sydney, NSW, Online Consults Available

Focus areas

Headaches Chronic skin conditions First aid training Chronic health issues Anxiety Fear

Welcome to The Golden Ray

Leonie Hosey's seminars presented that are given in Australia and overseas are designed to be informative, fun, profound and original.

In the clinic Leonie provides her medical intuitive approach to identify the modality that will be most effective to bring about effective health changes. This could include counselling, homoeopathic medicine, spiritual healing and vibrational essences plus if it required meridian tapping points.

One of the most integral life issues people come across is not being able to connect to their passion or perceived pathway. Planetary birth time displacement is a major reason that some individuals do not have good health or are never able to reach their optimal state in life. The utilisation of the Michael Ray Healing technique a new birth time is placed on the nadi pattern of birth and a change of magnetic healing stabilizes the crucial part of the disordered life.


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