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Twin Heart Healing

Twin Heart Healing

Watsonia VIC 3087

Servicing area: Melbourne based; distance healing globally

Twin Heart Healing

My name is Leith Walsh and I am a Reiki Master and Intuitive Energy Healer based in Melbourne, Australia. My practice is dedicated to providing beautiful and effective Intuitive Energy Healing based on my Reiki knowledge and my own unique gifts, which encompass Light, Crystal and Angel Healing and Shamanic work. I am a Twin Flame and Twin Flame healer as well. I would love to help you clear your energy, and to feel lighter and more in touch with your authentic self. 

Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing services are available in person or by distance, and in full or half hour blocks. Please note, distance sessions are performed energetically - they are not online - however I will call you first to get to know you a little, and to discuss any needs and queries.

As a Reiki Master trained in Traditional Usui Reiki, I initially started my healing practice doing pure Reiki.  However, I found that the more I grew (and continue to grow) as a healer, and the more spiritual/soul work and education I do for myself, the more my own unique way of healing was developing. 

Intuitive Energy Healing takes the rituals and traditions of Reiki that I love and adds in practices from New Age and Shamanic healing, as well as Light, Crystal and Angel Healing to clear blocks, energise, heal, cleanse, and balance each client's physical and energetic bodies as well as their chakra system.  Every healing is tailored to your individual needs and leaves you feeling warm, positive and light.

During an Intuitive Energy Healing session pure Source (Universe, God, Creator, Qi) energy is channelled to your body, chakras and energy fields via my hands. Because Source energy is universal energy - it is part of us all and we are part of it - the energy and your soul knows what healing is needed and where it needs to go.  All I do is intuitively direct energy to the correct part of your body/energy field. While I work I also often receive guidance from the Angelic realm, with Archangels Michael and Raphael always in attendance, among others. Before starting healing I always create a sacred space to ensure we are working in a safe and light-filled environment. 

At the end of every session, we have a debrief.  For Healing clients this means chatting as much (or as little) as you like about your experiences.  The emphasis is on self healing and allowing you to find your answers within.  

If you have chosen a Healing with Report service, I will email you a session report so we can talk about any experiences that came up and I can provide information as guided. I do tend to get a lot of visuals when I work and I am happy to pass on any of these that are for the good. The report also includes a single card Oracle draw for you.

As part of my practice I am dedicated to helping Twin Flames on their journey by helping them clear energetic baggage, creating positive shifts and sharing information (the "Heart It" page on my website is a good starting point).

In addition to Intuitive Energy Healing and Twin Flame services, I provide attunements to the Trinity of Blessings with Archangel Michael. This is an attunement to  Divine Love and is dedicated to promoting Love, Joy and Peace in person and throughout the world.

For more information, please see my website,

Master Teacher: Trinity of Blessings (2020) Reiki Master(2019) Diploma Qualified Pilates Instructor (2012)

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